Library Swag

Librarian Eric Shoudel shows off some of the swag available to young readers in the Joseph City Library summer reading program.

Just in time for summer vacation, Wallowa County’s public libraries have rolled out their summer reading programs. While Wallowa and Joseph offer opportunities for children to earn fun rewards, Enterprise is upping the game with a program for adults as well as another for children.

Have you ever wanted to participate in a fun kids summer reading program, but couldn’t because you were too old? Well, this summer, you’re in luck! The Enterprise Public Library is offering one summer program for children … and another for adults.

The Enterprise program for the younger readers opens June 10. For pre-schoolers, parents can set their own goal for time or pages read to their youngsters. Once they reach the goal, they’ll be entered in a drawing for family awards. Students in grades kindergarten through sixth-grade will set an independent reading goal, and earn prizes for the number of pages or hours they read in the library. Seventh through 12th-grade students can visit the library each week and sign up for a weekly drawing. Each week one lucky teen will win $10 in buckskin bucks. “We want this to be a fun program,” said Enterprise library director Denine Rautenstrauch. “It also helps younger kids retain and sharpen their reading skills so they don’t loose ground during the summer.”

If you don’t qualify to participate in the kid’s fun, don’t despair. Adults of any age can be part of the adult summer reading program. Read a book, any book, and write a brief review. Your name goes into a drawing for a $20 Bookloft certificate. If you are really lucky, your book review might be chosen for publication in The Chieftain. The even better news? There’s a new winner EACH WEEK!

For more details, or to enroll in any of the Enterprise Public Library summer programs, stop by the library at 101 NE 1st Street, call Rautenstrauch at 541 426-3906, or email her at Library summer hours are Monday-Friday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

The Wallowa Library is launching a space-themed summer reading program for children in pre-school through middle school on Monday, June 10. The kickoff event, at the Wallowa City Hall from 10 a.m. to noon, includes free pizza for every reader who signs up. (You can probably get pizza if you just show up as well …) Titled “The Universe of Stories,” the program offers tangible rewards, from magnets and helmets to backpacks, that kids can earn for reading. “Kids can read independently at home” said librarian Debbie Lind. “For every 30 minutes they read they will earn a dollar in play-money credit. They can save up their “money” and “buy a more valuable item at the end of the reading program, or spend their credits on smaller things as they go along.” The program at the Wallowa Library ends July 19.

Lind mentioned that although she might ask young readers a bit about the books that they have read, but that’s mostly because she wants to know what they like to read. “It’s not like school,” she said. “It’s a fun summer event that we should all enjoy.”

The City of Joseph Public Library is also offering a summer reading program for kids in grades 1-4. The program begins June 10, and will run for five weeks, with incentives for reading. The Joseph Program is similar to Wallowa’s, following “The Universe of Stories” theme. Librarian Eric Shoudel plans to award one “reader buck” for every half-hour of reading.

Those “bucks” can be used to purchase a variety of unworldly games and toys, and even some useful items, including magnets, a planetarium planetary projector, kits to build models of the Mars Rovers, and other things. For details, stop by the Joseph Library.

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