Local children to present MCT’s ‘The Secret Garden’

<p>MCT director/actor Cindy Head auditions local children for "The Secret Garden."</p>

More than 40 local students have been cast as characters in the Missoula Children’s Theatre production of an original musical adaption of “The Secret Garden.”

Auditions were held by MCT director/actors Monday afternoon at Joseph Charter School, and rehearsals will be taking place all week in preparation for two Saturday, April 13, performances, at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m., in the Joseph school cafeteria. (The venue was changed from OK?Theatre because of untility problems.)

Tickets are $7 for adults, $5 students and $2 preschoolers at the door. Play-goers are advised to arrive 15 minutes before curtain time.

Playing the main character, Mary Lennox, is local student Omega Thiel.

Other Wallowa County students in the colorful cast are Georgia Falk playing the part of Martha Sowerby, Sebastian Hobbs as Dickon Sowerby, Jordan Ierre as Susan Sowerby and Jacob Falk as Colin Craven, Lucy Kissinger as Archibald Craven, Victoria Lattin as Ayah, Gracie Carlson as Mrs. Medlock, Nodya Papineau as Doctor Craven, Adagia Latta as Ben Weatherstaff, Guylen Snyder as Robin Redbreast.

Nancy Thiel, Lilee Post, Reece Nelson, Anna Moholt, Madelyn Nelson, Sabrina Albee, Paige Lattin, Tishrei Movich and Tori Suto flock together to play the Canadian Geese.

Appearing as the adorable Moor Folk are Raechel Lester, Mary Thiel, Javon Besotes, Blade Suto, Layla Snyder, Emma Bateman, Mattigan Monschke, and Foster Hobbs.

Greta Carlson, Cassidy Wiedeman, Rosie MovichFields, Saxton Barton, McKenzie Keffer, James Burney, Maggie Miller, Parker Siebe will light up the production as the mischievous Fireflies.

Of course the story would not be complete without a garden; acting roles as the various floras which dwell behind the walls in the Secret Garden are Bella Snyder, Molly Curry, Ginger Berry, Marina Monschke, Cambria Word, Alex Rowley, Canyon Medina, and Orianna Kyle.

Serving as assistant director throughout the week is Michael Thomas. This year, the production’s melodies will be provided by piano accompanist Beverly Wyffels. MCT, the Wallowa Arts Council, Terra Snyder, Erin Baynes and countless performers past and present extend warm and heartfelt thanks to retired MCT accompanist Leslie Carlson for years of selfless dedication to the children of Wallowa County.

“The Secret Garden” marks the 30th consecutive annual MCT performance in Wallowa County.

For more information, or to volunteer, call Terra Snyder, 541-398-2191, or Erin Baynes, 541-398-1577.

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