Enterprise City Council is still training local event organizers on the new rules for applying for Motel Tax money established last May. At that time, the city adopted a new ordinance that better conformed to state definitions of how the tax should be spent and eliminated grants to for-profit events and limited funds available for out-of-city-limits events. Councilors also decided to have a better accountability process in place and asked non-profits requesting funds to provide them with a plan and follow that with proof their event brought in tourism or benefited the city.

A double-winner for the summer round of grants awarded at the April 13 city council meeting was Sondra Lozier's multiple Enterprise-based events, which provide proven tourist dollar results.

? Hells Canyon Mule Days got the maximum grant, $2,000, and the Annual Quilt show received another $1,000. Both grants were unanimously approved.

? Enterprise Business Facilitation continued to find favor also, receiving the maximum amount of $2,000.

? Friends of the Wallowa County Museum qualified as a county project and were awarded the $400 they requested. Their plan to generate tourism for the Maxville Project garnered high praise from the council. "This one has real potential to become something," said Councilor Doug Terry.

? Chief Joseph Summer Camp was also deemed a county project and their request for $1,000 was reduced to the maximum for county projects, $400.

? Wallowa Valley Music Alliance was unanimously granted $2,000.

? Mountain High Broncs & Bulls also got unanimous approval for a grant of $2,000.

? The city awarded itself $2,000 for the upcoming birthday celebration and Oregon's 150th and added another $500 from the Opportunity Fund to that.

The only application denied funding was the Bronze Bike Rendezvous, because the motorcycle event is a for-profit event. No one denied the event was a traffic generator, but it does not fall into the in-town or the non-profit category. "By ordinance we can't fund it," said Councilor George Hill.

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