Local woman to head Oregon's Continental Congress delegation

Vicki Fleshman

Vicki Fleshman of Joseph has been voted to the position of Head of the Oregon Delegation to the Continental Congress 2009. As top vote-getter in Oregon, Fleshman is the only voting member from Oregon within the Continental Congress.

"People went way out of the way to vote for me," said Fleshman. "I probably received 150 phone calls from people wanting to talk to me after I mailed some ballots out from a list of people I had from all over the state. We mailed out over 700 ballots and the article about me in the Chieftain really helped, too."

Other delegates from Oregon are Larry Graves of Ashland, Margarete Murphy of Pendleton and alternate Jim Needham of Mollala.

Now, Fleshman is doing her homework and gathering public opinion. "I have my own opinions and I'll admit they're pretty strong," she said, "but I want to represent Oregon."

To that end, she has organized two meetings to receive public input. The meetings are Wednesday, Oct. 28 and Thursday, Oct. 29, at 6:30 p.m. at Cloverleaf Hall in Enterprise.

Fleshman will explain the agenda of the Continental Congress and provide handouts. Bumper stickers and videos will also be available at cost.

All attendees will be given an index card on which to submit questions, suggestions, and concerns. Fleshman expects these comments to be reasonable, well-thought-out, and any opinions to be backed by citations of sources.

"The information on these cards are what I'm taking with me to Continental Congress," said Fleshman.

Fleshman has been studying for the upcoming Congress, she said.

"I've been doing a lot of research to prepare. I've been receiving 20 e-mails an hour from other delegates about topic discussions," she said.

Some of those emails give her pause, she said. Members of the congress are expected to come without preconceived agendas, ready to engage in open discussion, and a few of the folks emailing her seem not to have read the memo, she said. "When you're going into something like this you have to go in with an open mind," said Fleshman.

The stated purpose of Continental Congress 2009 is to "determine a legal and peaceful means to stop the violations of The Constitution of The United States of America and to restore Constitutional governance."

Representatives from every state in the union will meet Nov. 11 through 22 at the Pheasant Run Conference Center in St. Charles, Illinois to discuss and deliberate.

Specifically, the delegates will consider:

? The framework, content and meaning of the Constitution as originally intended;

? The provisions provided for The People to hold the government accountable to the Constitution;

? Violations to the Constitution and their devastating impacts on America and her people and resources;

? The Record of Petitions for Redress, (over 14 years), directed to federal and state government for violations to the Constitution and government's response;

? The Vision for America if we followed it - what would our Nation/life be like if we were wholly obedient to the Guarantees of the Constitution rather than the whims and assurances of elected officials;

? A template for transition to Constitutional governance in America;

? Peaceful and legal means through which a critical mass of The People can push back and stop the violations and restore Constitutional obedience in America.

"This is going to be huge," said Fleshman. "I'm to the point now where I want to get this on, I want to get it done."

Fleshman was told that all proceedings would be available either by live stream on the web or via tapes distributed to delegates. "I'll let you know what's happening, even if it's by cell phone," she said.

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