Bears scavenging around Wallowa Lake cabins

Date, names and location unknown.

100 years ago

Oct. 5, 1916

• Cash prizes and banners awarded by the judges at the county fair have been distributed as far as possible by Secretary A.C. Miller. Precinct prizes were awarded as follows: highland, Lostine, first; Enterprise, second; lowland, Imnaha, first; Promise, second; Eden, third.

• Mrs. Erie Zoph died last Wednesday after an illness of a month or more. A pronounced turn for the worse was noted recently and she went to the hospital where it was discovered she was suffering from typhoid fever.

• An architect’s plan showing far the most ornate and beautiful structure in the county was brought this week for the building L.W. Riley expects to erect in the spring at Main and West First streets, in connection with a building for Daniel Boyd. Mr. Riley … has made up his mind to put up the handsomest building in town.

• Advertisements: Bottled milk, 7 cents a quart, delivered morning or evening. Oral Beecher…. Enterprise Mattress Shop and Weaving Works, Feather Renovating. Chas. Edwards, Proprietor ….. Save money and your wife’s back by getting Cole’s High Oven Range - It makes work easy and coal bills light.

• Full page election ad headline: Hughes and Fairbanks Will Restore America’s Honor and Establish Permanent Prosperity on Sound Economic – Not on the Blood and Sacrifices of Unfortunate People.

70 years ago

Oct. 3, 1946

• Verne Colvin of Imnaha was displaying a nine-foot tip to tail cougar hide last Saturday. He had shot the animal in the Hells Canyon country. There is a county bounty of $10 and a state bounty of $50 on these animals.

• Mrs. Wm. Ferguson, Mrs. E.E. Stearns and Mrs. Cecil Best each brought in her deer on Sunday. Mrs. Ferguson and Mrs. Stearns got theirs on Kuhn ridge and Mrs. Best shot hers on Swamp creek. The husbands were along on the trip, but as they shot nothing, can hardly be given much mention.

• Another bear has been bothering around the cabins at Wallowa lake recently robbing ice boxes and causing disturbance. It was seen by Mrs. Alta Weathers and Mrs. Sylvia Wade, who did not have a gun. “Marcus and Alva, get your guns!”

• Classified ad: Will the person who took handbag from Plymouth car Friday evening at fairgrounds mail papers and pictures to Box 491, Enterprise as they are valuable to the owner.

• Alder Slope news: Gayle Zollman, 3-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Zollman, met with a painful accident on Sept. 19 when he fell in a bathtub of hot water and burned both of his feet quite severely. He has been unable to walk but they are healing as fast as could be expected.

• Notice is hereby given that a mass convention will be held at the circuit court room in the Wallowa County courthouse on the 21st day of October, 1946 at the hour of 7:30 o’clock P.M. for the purpose of nominating a mayor, 3 councilmen, city recorder, city treasurer and city attorney, to fill the places of those whose terms of office will expire December 31, 1946.

50 years ago

Oct. 6, 1966

• The bloodmobile will be in Wallowa county at the Enterprise IOOF Hall on October 11. It is hoped that all persons who are able to donate blood will turn out for this drawing. It has been quite some time since Wallowa county has met its quota of 200 pints. During 1965 local donors gave 173 pints but a total of 228 pints were used locally.

• Photo caption: This group of boys will represent the Enterprise FFA Chapter at the national FFA convention in Kansas City next week. Pictured are Ray McCormack, Ted Freels, Greg Fletcher and Bob Sturm.

• Photo caption: Shown above are three of the winners of six of the top awards at the horse show which was held a week ago in conjunction with the Wallowa County Fair Horse show. In the top photo is Harley Caudle with the reserve champion mare, in the second photo is Larry Waters with his champion gelding and at the bottom is Dick Hammond with the reserve champion.

• After being held scoreless in the opening quarter, Wallowa exploded for a pair of touchdowns in the second period and then added six more in the second half as they trounced the Union Bobcats 55-0 last Friday afternoon at Union. Butch Winters tallied 2 TD’s for the Cougars while Ed Holloran, Bruce Daggett, Rocky Wilson, Mark Werst and Jim Curtis each tallied one.

25 years ago

Oct. 3, 1991

• The stone building just above Enterprise High School, built in 1907 as Wallowa County’s first public high school and later used as a hospital and apartment building, went up in flames and smoke Thursday morning last week, leaving behind a blackened stone shell. It was started by a basement wall heater, according to a state fire marshal’s office inspection.

• All three Wallowa County teams lost league volleyball matches last Friday night, but the Wallowa Cougars had reason to celebrate Saturday when they captured first place at the Weston-McEwen tournament.

• After nearly three years worth of groundwork, a group concerned about local health care began a petition drive last week to put the formation of a count-wide health care district on the primary ballot next May.

• Photo caption: The lovely new Imnaha Christian Fellowship church building was filled with members of the congregation, friends and well-wishers at the formal dedication service Sunday. The debt-free building is the first ever dedicated as a church in the Imnaha canyon country despite a history of Christian fellowship that dates back over 100 years.

A few readers contacted us to help identify the three VFW Auxiliary ladies in last week’s photo. Agnes Roberts called to say they are, from left: Elizabeth Laughlin, Bessie Rynearson and Helen Guthrie and that the photo was taken in the early 1940s. Tina Limbaugh Schroeder supplied the same identifications on our Facebook page. On Monday, Bessie Rynearson called to confirm as well.

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