This weekend, the Wallowa County Fairgrounds hosted the 4-H Dog Show. Youths of all ages presented their dogs of varied breeds, and every participant got a blue ribbon to commemorate their efforts. The students competed in Showmanship, Obedience, Costume, Trick and Agility, broken down by their skill class and age group. Several qualified to enter the state fair, and a good time was had by all.

Impressing in the obedience competition was the sole student to reach the level of Graduate Novice, senior Whitney Evans, whose Australian Shepherd/Border Collie cross, Dixie, was able to sit and lay down calmly for one and three minutes respectively, from 40 feet away.

Another highlight was the participation of a student with a New Guinea Singing Dog. A breed of Dingo, these dogs are challenging to train, according to organizer Karen Rinehart. It was impressive that the young man was able to earn what cooperation he could from his dog.

And demonstrating exemplary perseverance was Anna Rinehart and her Pembroke/Welsh Corgi mix, Dally. Some months back, Dally’s left ear was partially ripped off, through her fence, by an animal. In light of this, Dally was dressed as Van Gogh for the costume contest, with Anna as her painting.


Dog Showmanship

1st year Juniors: Dakota Delyri, Champion; Mckenzie Keffer, Reserver Champion. Juniors: Bailey Vernum, Champion; Trace Evans, Reserver Champion. Intermediates: Gracie Carlson, Champion; Anna Moholt, Reserve Champion. Seniors: Clair Beck, Champion; Whitney Evans, Reserve Champion; Anna Rinehart, Reserve Champion (tie).

Pre-Novice Dog Obedience

1st year Juniors; Mckenzie Keffer, Champion; Caylynn Beck, Reserve Champion. Juniors: Trace Evans, Champion; Greta Carlson, Reserve Champion. Intermediates: Anna Moholt, Champion.

Novice Dog Obedience

Juniors: Trace Evans, Champion. Intermediates: Gracie Carlson, Champion. Seniors: Anna Rinehart, Champion; Claire Beck, Reserve Champion.

Graduate Novice Dog Obedience

Seniors: Whitney Evans, Champion.

Dog Trick Class

1st year Juniors: Mckenzie Keffer, Champion; Deven Schreiber, Reserve Champion. Juniors: Trace Evans, Champion; Greta Carlson, Reserve Champion. Intermediates: Jacob Falk, Champion. Seniors: Anna Rinehart, Champion; Whitney Evans, Reserve Champion.

Dog Costume Class

1st year Juniors: Devin Schreiber, Champion; Mckenzie Keffer, Reserve Champion. Juniors: Trace Evans, Champion; Greta Carlson, Reserve Champion. Intermediates: Jacob Falk, Champion; Gracie Carlson, Reserve Champion. Seniors: Anna Rinehart, Champion.

Team, Claire Beck & Whitney Evans, Champion.

Dog Agility

1st year Juniors: Mckenzie Keffer (Open Class) Champion; Dakota Delyria (Mini Class) Champion; Caylynn Beck (Mini Class) Reserve Champion. Juniors: Bailey Vernam (Open Class) Champion; Greta Carlson (Mini Class) Champion; Trace Evans (Mini Class) Reserve Champion. Intermediates: Jacob Falk (Open Class) Champion; Gracie Carlson (Mini Class) Champion. Seniors: Whitney Evans (Open Class) Champion; Anna Rinehart (Mini Class) Champion; Claire Beck (Mini Class) Reserve Champion.

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