Joseph Charter School welcomed kids of all ages to their annual School Carnival. Within minutes of opening, eager children and parents flooded the cafeteria. They played games such as cornhole, bingo, cake walk, ring toss and much more. Kids were awarded with stuffed animals and prizes donated by generous Wallowa County citizens and businesses.

The carnival was sponsored by the Joseph chapter of Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America and was organized by members Malichi Roberts and Kana Oliver. Roberts is the current State FCCLA Vice President of Public Relations and Oliver is finishing her term as chapter Junior Advisor. Roberts and Oliver also partnered with Joseph senior Garrett Kincade and Safe Harbors to provide a domestic violence seminar for parents during the carnival. “The Joseph Carnival … was one of the best I have seen,” said Kincade. “Being able to be a part of the experience by keeping the adults entertained with my seminar was a pleasure … It speaks to how Joseph and Wallowa County can come together to make something special.”

Various school clubs and sports teams ran the carnival booths. After paying a booth fee of $10, the rest of the proceeds were donated back to the booth owners. In total, the carnival raised nearly $1,500 FCCLA’s portion will be used for continuation of the Joseph chapter and to help sponsor the six members to attend the 2019 National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, California this summer. At nationals, these members will be able to advance their leadership skills by participating in workshops and sharing their community service projects.

Joseph FCCLA will also be selling peonies for Memorial Day and collecting cans at the Community Bank in Joseph. Members are willing to accept odd jobs such as yard cleaning and babysitting to raise funds for their important trip. Please contact Joseph FCCLA Advisor, Marla Dotson at 541-398-1415, or Lisa Collier at 541-851-1648 if you would like to help students go to nationals.

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