ENTERPRISE — Permits to cut down a Christmas tree from the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest are now available, according to a press release from the U.S. Forest Service.

Permits, which cost $5, can be bought online at https://www.recreation.gov, or at one of several locations throughout Northeast Oregon. The release said that in Wallowa County, they are available at Dollar Stretcher in Enterprise (541-426-5833), at Wallowa Food City in Wallowa (541-886-3691) and at two locations in Joseph — Sports Corral (541-432-4363) or Wallowa Mountains Office (541-426-5546), which also has a vending machine for after hours purchases, according to the release.

For additional information or questions, contact the Wallowa Mountains Office.

In the release, the USFS included the following rules to keep in mind for getting a tree this holiday season:

• Permit holders are required to follow the terms of their permit. For details, please read the complete Christmas Tree Brochure available online and at National Forest offices.

• Cut your tree at least 50 feet away from a road and clean up any trimmings or limbs.

• Leave stumps no higher than 10 inches. It is illegal to “top” a tree.

• Cut all green limbs from the stump (they can be used for decorating).

• The maximum height of a tree to be cut is 15 feet tall, with no larger than a 6-inch stump diameter.

• Do not cut in active timber sale areas or areas planted with new trees. Do no cut on private land, in wilderness areas, designated campgrounds or existing tree plantations.

• Do not cut trees in the following areas: Baker City Watershed; Anthony Lakes Campground or Ski Area; Starkey Experimental Forest; La Grande Watershed; Hurricane Creek and Lostine drainages.

• Do not cut trees in posted Old Growth Areas or within 1/4 mile of Wild and Scenic River corridors.

• Christmas tree cutting is also prohibited within sight distance of state highways.

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