Local artist Sam Collett is known for his realistic artwork and his stunning portraits. Now he wants to offer the opportunity to help others. Collett is starting what he calls an “art care” business.

According to Collett, the genesis for the idea came over the summer while giving private art lessons. He originally conceived of the idea as a way for senior citizens to connect with art.

“I thought that with having a background with seniors in the health industry that this would be a really good idea,” he said. “It’s not for everybody of course, but for those who an interest, it can give them a new skill to learn, a new activity to keep them engaged in something other than their health.”

Lessons are available to anyone from teenagers on up.

The lessons are one-on-one with a sketch pad. The investment in materials would be about $10. Collett can provide the materials as well. The sessions will focus on representational art.

The artist spent the past five years as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Wallowa Memorial Hospital, but that’s not really part of the package as he recently suffered a severely injured shoulder.

“Home care is not what I’m trying to do,” he said. “I’m really focused on the art because that’s what I really have to offer.”

“What I do have to offer is my background in teaching, which is a long 40 years in Salt Lake City and here,” he said. “I believe that exploration of art, first through drawing, would spark new interest, joy and the fulfillment of developing a new skill.” He added that he doesn’t consider what he offers as “art therapy,” but it therapy could be a byproduct of active art engagement.

Collett charges $25 per hour for the one-on-one sessions usually lasting about two hours depending on how many projects the client is working on. Collett can be contacted through his website: samcollettfineart.com or by phone at 541-377-3616.

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