ecsa spring fling

It’s a great day for trap shooting — (L to R) Doug Wickre, president of the Eagle Cap Shooters Associationv and range safety officer watches over an unidentified competitor in a shotgun competition (center) as ECSA member and range officer, John Wright (right) looks on.

On Saturday, June 15, the Eagle Cap Shooters Association held their opening event of the year, the Spring Fling. First event of the day was the National Rifle Association 3GE (Three Gun Experience) competition, which gave each participant the opportunity to shoot a shotgun, a .22 caliber semi-automatic pistol and a .22 caliber semi-automatic rifle; each from a different shooting bay with different targets and scenarios. The 3GE competition is a recreational shooting program designed to introduce shooters to the world of shooting competition.

Participants were grouped by age: Youth: 8-12; Junior: 13-17; and Adult:18 and up.

According to ECSA secretary, John Straughn, overall winners of the NRA 3GE event included:

Adult – TJ Miller with a final time of 95.07

Junior – Ruben Hunt with a final time of 78.76

Youth – Mitchell Fewell with a final time of 198.75

Gary Bethscheider, owner of the Stubborn Mule in Joseph, provided a catered BBQ lunch, which included hamburgers, hot dogs, tri-tip sandwiches and soda.

Several events followed lunch including a 100-yard steel target .22 caliber semi-automatic rifle competition, a Texas Hold ’Em poker shoot and an impressive black powder muzzleloader exhibit and demonstration by Ivan Judd of Wallowa. Judd answered questions and gave spectators the opportunity to shoot his black powder rifle.

Lane Tanzey and Ruben Hunt, both members of the Wallowa High School Trap Team offered a demonstration of professional-level shotgun trap shooting to attendees, who were then given the opportunity to participate in a trap shooting contest. Once again, the kids proved to be eagle-eyed shooters!

Straughn said the ECSA’s primary focus is safety and education. A number of NRA-Certified Range Safety Officers stood close by each shooter to ensure safety and provide education for new shooters. He added that the ECSA awarded a number of additional prizes, including ice cream cones donated by the Little Bear Drive-In in Wallowa; 1-ounce pure silver coins donated by Norton Welding in Lostine and a bronze rabbit donated by Tim Parks of TW Bronze in Enterprise. The free gun raffle prize, a Heritage .22 caliber revolver donated by the Sports Corral in Joseph, was won by Tim Cudmore’s son. In compliance with gun regulations, the firearm was actually awarded to Tim.

The association offered thanks to all of the donors and the people behind the scenes who volunteered their time and worked hard to make the season opener event so much fun and a resounding success!

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