With 3,835 votes counted in Wallowa County, fewer than a dozen challenged votes remain to be tallied. The preliminary results of last Tuesday’s primary election are in.

In the race for Wallowa County Sheriff, these preliminary results show Joel Fish leading, with 2,088 votes (55.4%), Steve Rogers getting 1,464 votes (38.84%) and George Kohlhepp receiving 214 votes or 5.68%.

State elections rules, and the Oregon constitution require that a candidate receiving more than 50% of the May primary vote will be the sole candidate to appear on the November ballot but must be voted into office at that time. The preliminary vote count indicates that Joel Fish will be the only candidate on November ballot.

Wednesday results in other county-wide elections:

Randy Wortman received 2949 votes (99.46%) of the vote for County Assessor. There were 16 write-in votes for others.

Todd Nash received 2826 votes (93.82%) for County Commissioner. There were 186 write-in votes for others.

Susan Roberts received 2767 votes (96.2%) for County Commissioner with 114 write in votes for others.

Wallowa County primary results for federal positions are as follows:

In the Democratic presidential primary, Joseph Biden received 70.66% of the vote, Bernie Sanders 13.15%, Elizabeth Warren 7.92%, and Tulsi Gabbard 1.86%. Write-in votes for others totaled 6.40%.

In the Republican presidential primary, Donald Trump received 97.16 %. 2.84% were write-ins for others. His statewide tally is recorded as 100%.

In the Wednesday results from primaries for U.S. Senator, Democrat Jeff Merkley received 97.96 % of the vote.

Republican Jo Rae Perkins leads the Republican primary candidates with 53.48%, with Paul Romero Jr. at 28.17%. Robert Schwartz tallied 11.57%.

In the race for Greg Walden’s U.S. House District 2 seat, Democrat Nick Heruertz (31.70 %) narrowly leads rival Alex Spenser (29.97%). In the Republican contest, Cliff Bentz has an insurmountable lead of 53.30% over nearest rival Knute Buehler (21.94%). Jimmy Crumpacker received 8.81% of the Wallowa County Republican vote, while Jason Atkinson got only 6.95%. Bentz is the district-wide declared winner. His opponents have conceded.

In statewide races:

In the Wednesday Wallowa County primary results for State Representative, District 58, Democrat Barbara Wright (51.38%) defeated Nolan Byenga (44.48%). However, Byenga won the district-wide race with 53.13% of the tally, and will face Republican Bobby Levy in November. Levy ran unopposed and garnered 99.64 % of the ballots. There were only 6 write-in ballots for others.

For State Senator, 29th District, Democrat Mildred O’Callahan running unopposed, received 95.1% of the Wallowa County vote. Republican Bill Hansell has tallied a commanding 93.9% of Wallowa County’s primary Republican votes, and won the district-wide contest with 91.95% of the vote. O’Callahan will face Hansell in November.

In the Democratic Secretary of State primary, Jamie McCleod-Skinner won 56.1% of Wallowa County’s Democratic vote, while Shemia Fagan trailed with 24.5% and Mark Hass garnered only 17.5%. However, Fagan came away with the statewide victory once all votes were tallied.

In the Republican Secretary of State primary, Kim Thatcher has 82.7% of the Wallowa County vote to Dave Stauffer’s 16.8%. Thatcher, who won the Republican primary overall with 85.33% of the statewide vote, will face Hass in November.

In other contested races, for Judge of the Supreme Court, Position 1, incumbent Thomas Balmer leads with 64.81 percent to Van Pounds 34.98 percent. Balmer retained his job, with 71.42 of the statewide vote.

For Judge, Court of Appeals, Position 11, incumbent Joel DeVore earned 59.54% of the votes to Kyle Krohn’s 40.21% . DeVore took the statewide tally as well, with 58.10% of the statewide vote.

About 65% of registered voters (3,835 total, 2080 Republicans, 914 Democrats, and Independents) voted in Wallowa County. That’s far above the statewide average of only 45% of registered voters casting ballots.

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