Enterprise adopts $14,543 annual budget

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Nov. 7, 1918

Help eat up the national surplus of spuds, and save the other foods.

The city council Monday night adopted a budget of expenses for the year 1919, showing $14,543.05 needed. Most of this money is required to meet outstanding obligations, leaving a beggarly sum for conducting the city business.

The United States government needs platinum for war work, and the Wallowa National Bank will accept any quantities of the metal offered and forward it. Persons having any of this precious metal are asked, as a matter of patriotic duty, to turn it over without delay. A check for its value will be forwarded direct to the owner from the war department.

A telegram received from Washington, D.C. via La Grande, this morning, is to the effect that Germany has accepted the armistice and has surrendered. At noon Carl Roe telephoned from Walla Walla saying the surrender was rumored, but not officially confirmed. The Associated Press refused to send out the report as true without official backing. The government has issued a warning not to accept all rumors as true, but to wait for official statements.


Nov. 4, 1948

Wallowa county voters followed the rest of the nation in giving a majority of their votes to President Truman in one of this country’s most surprising presidential election upsets. The county gave Truman 1,398 votes to 1,196 for Dewey, 49 for Wallace and 31 for Norman Thomas.

A light Cub plane which crashed near Fish Lake on the Upper Imnaha Saturday fatally injuring the pilot and critically injuring a passenger, was found Sunday morning by Merlin Prout, Charles Berg and Selwyn Barton of Joseph who were elk hunting in the area.

A total of $50 was cleared on the PTA Halloween masquerade box supper Oct. 30. Several unique costumes made an appearance and the judges, Raymond Reavis and Earl Ollis, experienced some difficulty in picking the winners. At length, Norman Evans was award the prize in the adult group. Bernissann Caudle, Marian Repplinger and Diane Snodderly, as the Three Blind Mice, walked away with honors in the high school competition. Stevie Crow came in first in the primary group.


Nov. 7, 1968

Sen. Mark Hatfield this week announced the government has granted $3,500 to Enterprise for a park. The money will be matched by the city and will be used to purchase 2.29 acres as a wayside rest area within the city of Enterprise.

One of the finer bulls to be returned to town on the opening morning of elk season was a five-point which Wayne Locke of Enterprise gunned down. He found the animal near the top of Snow Hollow hill and was back in town to conclude his hunting season by 8:30 a.m. Saturday morning.

Wallowa’s cross country team captured second at the state meet last Saturday. Running barefoot across a sleek and muddy two-and-a-half mile course, Wallowa succeeded in obtaining a total of 64 points. On the team are Greg Poffenberger, Charles McDaniel, Dan Munden, Gerry McLain, Hans Magden, Jeff Oveson, Elwayne Henderson, Dennis Engeldorf and coach Dale Story.


Nov. 4, 1993

Louise Kunz of Joseph devoted much of the past four years to convincing GTE and the Oregon PUC to drop toll calls between the upper and lower Wallowa Valley. Her efforts paid off this week as GTE adopted “extended area service.”

Cub Scout Den 3 leader Steve Kangas of Joseph and den members Levi Kangas, Jason Klages, Brannan Farner, Bryn Lunde and Alex Ranvik brought carved jack-o-lanterns to the Wallowa County Nursing Home last week to dress up the holiday for residents.

EHS freshman Aneliese Johnson and other members of the EHS anti-drug/alcohol club REACH painted their faces and didn’t talk all day Friday of Red Ribbon Week in commemoration of alcohol and drug-related fatalities.

Six members of the Wallowa County Shrine Club recently joined the 39th annual Shrine Food Caravan traveling to Portland. The club has one fundraiser designated to the hospital. This event, the Chief Joseph Days breakfast, cleared a profit of $3,046 this year. This amount, along with the $4,400 that was donated from the people of Wallowa County, came to a total of $7,800.

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