Enterprise Animal Hospital family grows

The trio of veterinarians at Enterprise Animal Hospital laugh as they joke about their various uniforms. From left, lab-coated Dr. Karl Zwanziger, Dr. Jerald Rice, farm-fresh with cow manure after pregnancy checking 250 head of cattle, and scrubs-attired Michelle Janick, who was busy all morning dealing with smaller animal customers.

How do you pregnancy-check 250 cows, take care of a steady stream of small pets with medical issues, conduct an extended assessment with an experienced rancher over the phone and organize appointments for the coming week — all at once? Well, if you were a really, really clever veterinarian you could clone yourself.

Enterprise Animal Hospital had a better idea. They already had one Dr. Jerald Rice and one associate veterinarian in Dr. Michelle Janick — and that combination was working really well. “Different personalities and skill sets” had turned out to be the key to veterinary happiness.

“More doctors under one roof means more collaboration and combined knowledge,” said Rice.

So when the opportunity came along to add another veterinarian, even temporarily, they were thrilled to welcome a mature vet with years of experience.

Dr. Karl Zwanziger, owner of Red Barn Veterinary, has sold his practice to Jerald and Alina Rice and is the newest member of Enterprise Animal Hospital’s veterinary task force. Red Barn Veterinary is being folded into Enterprise Animal Hospital, and for now Zwanziger is assisting in the smooth transfer of patients.

He said he’s thrilled for his clients.

“We’re going to be able to provide an expanded amount of care and diagnostic abilities,” he said.

“We can serve our clients better,” Rice agreed. “We can make our combined technology work harder.”

Zwanziger brought 1,500 clients with him, and Enterprise Animal Hospital reckons they have 1,800 active clients — not counting the folks who just come in every few years as needed.

That’s certainly enough to keep three doctors and six support staff.

Staff is greatly appreciated, the doctors said. Zwanziger brought full-time veterinary assistant Erica McNall with him and her knowledge of clients and interaction skills have impressed everyone. McNall joins Practice Manager Alina Rice, Receptionist Jill Moncrief, Veterinary Technician Leslie Rooper and Veterinary Assistants Jeska Birkmaier, Cheri Miller and Cindy Sloan as support staff.

Tripling the breadth of veterinary experience and stacking those skilled assistants will benefit everyone in yet another way.

”It’s challenging to have a one-man show and go anywhere but the clinic,” Zwanziger said. “In our business we’re dedicated — if we can make a little more free time it works to the benefit of both patients and family.”

The official date of merger for the two veterinary clinics was Oct. 10, and if the smiles on the faces of the docs and their staff are any indication, the move is going well.

“It’s been a pleasure — it’s busier,” said Rice, and his cohorts all beamed.

Zwanziger’s future plans are still “up in the air,” he said, but so far he is enjoying working with his Enterprise Animal Hospital cohorts and helping his clients make a smooth transition to Enterprise Animal Hospital.

All inquiries should be directed to Enterprise Animal Hospital, 706 Depot St. in Enterprise. The office phone number is 541-426-3331. Use 541-263-1366 for emergency calls.

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