EJHS District wrestlers

The Enterprise Junior High wrestling team just returned from districts with two wrestlers, Gunnar McDowell and Brandon Charlton, headed onward to state in Woodburn on March 13-14. (L to R) Enterprise High School coach, Court Fent, Brandon Charlton, Zander Flores, Pearce Schnetzsky, Cade Cunningham, Tyler Knapp, Gunnar McDowell, Nathan Lamb, Teagan Evans and coach Troy Farwell.

Two members of the Enterprise Junior High School came back from the district tournament in Boardman with a ticket to the state championship tournament. The district event took place over the weekend of March 6-7.

Coach Troy Farwell, who stepped in to fill the shoes of coach Dan Moody when high school track started, said he brought eight wrestlers to the tournament. Farwell explained that junior high wrestling is one of the few sports that don’t offer a district and state postseason.

While Farwell said that everyone wrestled well, two of his grapplers will travel to the state junior high championship held in Woodburn over the weekend of March 13-14.

Gunnar McDowell will make the journey at 175 pounds, winning second place in that bracket while Brandon Charlton also took second and will wrestle in the heavyweight bracket.

Tyler Knapp won several matches at 110 pounds, as did Zander Flores at 117 pounds and Teagan Evans at 132 pounds. Cade Cunningham won a match at 160 pounds. Nathan Lamb and Pearce Schnetzsky also participated in the meet at 102 pounds and 110 pounds respectively.

The coach said that unlike other district competitions the participants are not classed into divisions by the size of school they attend.

“In theory, the 16 kids who go to Woodburn in each weight class are the top 16 wrestlers in their weight class in the state,” he said.

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