Enterprise Public Library is going up ... and down. Or rather, patrons with mobility issues are soon going to be going both up and down in the library elevator.

Librarian Denine Rautenstrauch received word Tuesday, June 23, that the library had won the final grant that brings the funding for the library elevator project to over $244,000. The city had estimated it would need $250,000 including a contingency fund.

“We have people, who when that lift comes in, will be riding up and down all day,” Rautenstrach said. “It’s just important.”

Local fundraising for the project had already brought in $11,690, with $6,500 of that coming as a result of the donated Nature Conservancy deer tag raffle. The City of Enterprise had also pledged $7,000.

“We knew this big expense was coming,” Rautenstrauch said, and so she and the city had been squirreling away the money for years. “Grantors need to see we’re trying,” she said.

The grantors were impressed. Meyer Memorial Trust added $75,000 to the seed money, the Collins Foundation committed $50,000, the Oregon Community Foundation combined money from three separate funds and trusts to give a total of $25,000, the Wheeler Foundation sent $5,000 and The Ford Family Foundation called on Tuesday to announce they had decided to bring that total up to over $244,000. They are sending $71,000.

“We set a goal of raising $10,000 ourselves and we met that goal,” Rautenstrauch said. “But, you don’t stop fundraising, because you never know what you might need.”

The needs of patrons with knee and hip replacements, balance issues, heart or stroke issues and many more limitations will soon be met, Rautenstrauch said.

“We could go out for bids in four weeks’ time and should be able to break ground in August,” she said.

The elevator will be placed at the back of the building, accessible via the sidewalk, and will deliver patrons to the main floor.

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