Forest Service closes Lord Flat Road

Chieftain archives With no information whatsoever written on the back of this photo of Joseph, we'll venture a guess that this was taken sometime in the late 1950s or early 1960s.


June 3, 1915

A verdict of $1 was given by the jury last week trying the damage suit of H.M. McQueen against the O-W R&N Co. The jury was out many hours and returned its verdict Thursday evening. Witnesses testified regarding the incidents in the way the car of the railroad train on the night of August 14, last year, when the engine bumped into it so violently that some of the passengers were knocked down. Physicians testified concerning the condition Mr. McQueen has been in since. The railroad attorneys, Daniel Boyd and C.E. Cochran, brought out testimony showing that the company had kept close watch on the plaintiff since the night he alleged he had been injured. He sued for $25,000.

William R. Wright, for years a driver on the Wallowa county stages, and commonly known as “Bill” Wright, died last Thursday after four days’ illness. He had not been in good health for several years, in fact his experience driving stage in all kinds of weather was so trying that it probably weakened him permanently. Death was ascribed to pneumonia.

“The Spoilers” the attraction offered by the management of the opera house for Saturday next, matinee and evening is one of the most powerful film stories ever produced. It is claimed for it that its production cost $250,000


May 31, 1945

A touching war scene was enacted around 10:30 Saturday on Main Street when Mrs. Robert Zollman, with her baby son, Gayle, in her arms, met her son, Pvt. Mervin W. Zollman, just home after being liberated from a German prison camp ... Pvt. Zollman was liberated from the Stalag 11 B war prison camp near Fallingbostel, Germany, on April 16. In this camp were around 600 American prisoners and 2000 British. Mervin was taken prisoner on Jan. 18 near Gamshime, Germany, when he was serving in the infantry of Gen. Patch’s 7th army.

The Chief Joseph hotel owned by James Madden of Lewiston and known to Joseph residents for many years as the Jennings hotel, was sold last week to Ivan Williamson ... The hotel has been closed for the past two years, but will require very little renovating ... A deal was consummated in which Bill McKinley and Frank McCully became owners of the Brick garage which Ab Daisley has owned and managed for the past 18 years ... The new owners, already in business in Joseph, will not only manage the garage but will have a store adjoining the garage in which they will handle farm implements, electrical appliances and later a car agency.

HOSPITAL NEWS: Admitted: May 24, Maxine Long, Enterprise, major surgery; Mrs. Morris Pratt, Enterprise, medical; May 25, William Kellerman, Joseph, X-ray, jaw injury; Mrs. Leslie Replinger, Lostine, injury to foot; Gerald Graves, Joseph, medical; May 26, Leland DeJean, Troy, X-ray of leg; May 27, Shirley Lee Bairen, medical; Donna Gildersleeve, Imnaha, medical; May 29, Harold Bacon, Enterprise, foot injury.


June 3, 1965

Seven members of the Joseph Chamber of Commerce met yesterday morning with the Wallowa county court to discuss the possibilities of obtaining some of the money alloted to the Fair Board for support of the annual Chief Joseph Days rodeo. Spearheading the move for the Chamber was president, Murph Blankinship.

G.F. Van Arsdale was taken to Wallowa Memorial Hospital last Sunday evening suffering from two broken ribs and several bruises received when he was thrown from a wild colt.

PHOTO CAPTION: Winner of the most sought-after award at the FFA Fair, the grand champion showmanship trophy, was Steven Wolfe of Wallowa. Steve was the champion beef showman and entered the final competition for the grand champion award against the three other champion showmen, Rod McCrae, swine; Garry Wagner, sheep; and Ray McCormack, dairy. Steve is pictured here receiving his trophy from Bob Ferrell, branch manager of the First National Bank.

FOR SALE: Large 3-bedroom, 2 story home in Joseph. Large yard and 2 extra lots. Good location. Price $6,000 with terms.


May 31, 1990

A 13-mile stretch of road that provides access to thousands of acres of prime hunting land in the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area has been closed by the Forest Service, according to Ed Cole, HCNRA area ranger. The Lord Flat road, located along the Oregon rim of Hells Canyon, crosses the wilderness boundary in several places, the Forest Service discovered last fall. Cole estimated the closure will for all practical purposes render over 10,000 acres of land inaccessible.

An estimated 35 persons affiliated with the extremist environmental movement Earth First! convened last weekend for a “training session” in Hells Canyon, according to Hells Canyon National Recreation Area Ranger Ed Cole.

A 15-year-old girl from Texas remained hospitalized at Wallowa Memorial Hospital Wednesday more than a week after being bit three times by a rattlesnake in the Imnaha area. Jessica Murray of La Port, Texas, received anti-venom medicine after the mishap ... The serum sometimes causes adverse reactions, according to a hospital nurse, and the girl is still hospitalized to monitor for possible reactions. Murray was camping along the Imnaha River with a group associated with Pathfinders when she reportedly picked up a small rattlesnake without realizing it was poisonous.

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