Wallowa County 4-H held its annual Family Appreciation Night Program on Sept. 25, during which end-of-the year awards were presented. Following is a list of this year’s awards.

• Alumni:Jessica Anderson

• Friends (Business): Triple Creek Cattle Co. LLC (Brent and Connie McKinnley and Scott and Kelli Shear); Pepsi

• Friend (Individual): Jean Haefer

• Leader of the Year: Clay Freels

• 2016 Carcass Contest Results: 1st, Will McCadden ($50); 2nd, Zoe Hermens ($30); 3rd, Lannie Stonebring ($20)

Leader Recognition

• 1-year pins: Emily Cunningham, Ed Gomes, Julie Gomes, Heather Melville

• 5-year pins: Wendy Falk, Ilene Wells

• 10-year pin: Kimi Starner

• 15-year pins: Saralyn Johnson, Erin Melville, Jim Stilson, Charlie Warnock, Julie Kiesecker

• 20-year pin: Robin Lewis

All-around Awards

Junior Foods: Kaesie Williams; Intermediate Foods: Zoey Leith; Junior Clothing: Kaesie Williams; Intermediate Clothing: Zoey Leith; All-around Livestock: Mason McDowell; Hafer Memorial: Devin Schreiber

County Medals

Beef: Chance Arbogast; Shelby Moncrief: Beef; Samantha Starner-Durning: Dairy Goats; Ashley Starner-Durning: Swine; Ella Anderson: Swine; Cole Gomes: Swine; Jacob Amaro: Swine; Jacob Falk: Swine; Kasey Duncan: Sheep; Georgia Falk: Performing Arts; Deidre Schreiber: Leadership; Public Speaking: Maddie McDowell; Achievement: Teagan Miller


Ally Cooney, Ally (Four records)

• English Equitation (Hunt Seat), Sr: Blue Ribbon, Med. Ribbon

• Western Equitation, Sr: Red Ribbon

• Trail Horse, Sr: White Ribbon

• Senior Performance Showmanship: Blue Ribbon, Med. Ribbon

Brianna Micka, Brianna (Five records)

• English Equitation (Hunt Seat), Int: Blue Ribbon

• Western Equitation, Int: Blue Ribbon

• Trail Horse, Int: Red Ribbon

• Intermediate Performance Showmanship: Blue Ribbon, Med. Ribbon

• Dressage, Int, Training Level, Test 1: Blue Ribbon, Med.

Caitlin Robb, Caitlin (Five records)

• English Equitation (Hunt Seat), Sr: Red Ribbon

• Western Equitation, Sr: Red Ribbon

• Senior Performance Showmanship: Red Ribbon

• Hunt Seat Over Fences, Sr: Blue Ribbon

• Dressage, Sr, First Level, Test 2: Blue Ribbon


• Emma Carlson: Animals, Sr, Blue

• Gracie Carlson: People, Sr, Red; Animals, Sr, Blue

• Greta Carlson: Animals, Jr, Blue; Texture, Jr, Blue

• Dakota Delyria: Assemblage, Jr, Red; Scrapbooking, Jr, Blue

• Gracie Ellis: Scrapbooking, Jr, Blue

• Jordyn Ellis: Scrapbooking, Jr, Red

• Zoey Leith: Favorite Recipe Collection, Red

• Kaesie Melville: Decorated Flat Cookies, Ph 1, Red; Cookies, Blue; Fruit Leather, Jr, Red

• Brianna Micka: Individual Illustrated Talk, Int, Red

• Teighter Reutsch: Assemblage, Jr, Blue; Scrapbooking, Jr, Red

• Deidre Schreiber: Public Speaking, Int, Blue; Macrame & Knotting, Int, Blue (CH)

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