JOSEPH — Officials from Wallowa Memorial Hospital gave the first official tour of the new Wallowa Memorial Medical Clinic in Joseph on Friday, Sept. 18, to members of the hospital’s Patient-Family Advisory Committee.

Officials emphasized that they hope to meet the community needs of the Joseph area, thus the existence of the advisory committee.

“The one thing that’s important is that we give the community what it’s asking for,” said Brooke Pace, communications and public relations director for the hospital.

Michelle Gardner, clinic director, led the tour, explaining what each of the rooms or areas can or will be used for. In the front, near the reception area, will be a meeting room and a kitchen.

“We might get Joseph Charter School to come down and do some of its food science classes here,” she said.

Gardner handed out surveys to the advisory committee members to get further input on the desires of the Joseph-area community’s needs. The survey asked about what seminar topics committee members would be interested in to be held in the meeting room, the preferred hours for appointments and methods by which people receive announcements about the clinic — electronic media, print, social media and others.

Gardner said some of the physicians based at the hospital in Enterprise will be regulars in Joseph and others will rotate.

“We’ll definitely get them all up here,” she said.

The facility is slated for a spring opening. Prior to that, an open house will be held, Gardner said. She said some of the work has been held up because of the smoke inundating the area from recent wildfires on the west side of the state.

The clinic has been planned for five years as a branch of the hospital, providing primary care, OB/GYN services, behavioral health and other care. With a staff of three physicians, two advanced-practice providers, one licensed clinical social worker and administrators, the clinic has had a presence in Joseph since 1991.

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