Help! The zombies are coming! Now is the time to brush up on basic survival techniques in order to evade the zombies and stay alive.

Wallowa Land Trust, partnering with the Wallowa County Alternative High School, will lead a free outing Saturday, Aug. 23, focused on wilderness survival — in preparation for the zombie apocalypse, of course.

Families and youth ages 12-18 are encouraged to attend the outing which will meet at Wallowa Land Trust’s office, 116 South River Street in Enterprise, at 9 a.m. on Saturday. Transportation will be provided and participants will return to the Land Trust office by noon.

This escapade is part of Wallowa Land Trust’s “Into The Wallowa” outings and lectures program and is made possible through funding by Wallowa County Alternative Education Program’s Community 101 grant from the Oregon Community Foundation.

Through the Community 101 Program, students were given the opportunity to play grant-maker and distribute funds to local organizations in order to engage the students in their communities through “service, leadership and charitable giving.”

Since Wallowa Land Trust was awarded one of these grants, the students have been integral in the outing’s planning process: attending preparation meetings, promoting the event through social media and they will be leading some of the activities at the outing.

Moreover, the students have been collaborating with local experts in order to create a fun and exciting schedule of events that would attract young people county-wide to learn new skills and spend time outdoors.

This entails cooking bugs, building fires, identifying plants and picking huckleberries, and last but certainly not least, tracking animals.

Engendering youth with a strong sense of place while simultaneously equipping them with new skills is the perfect way to survive a zombie apocalypse.

For more information, contact Wallowa Land Trust, 541-426-2042.

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