Tuesday, March 6, wasn’t a holiday, but Joseph Charter School harbored a suspicious number of empty desks. That’s because it was the school’s annual ski day.

About 56 students in grades 7-12 participated in the event, which is sponsored by the school’s FFA chapter. The holiday takes place at Ferguson Ridge Ski Area. There, students spent the day cavorting on snowboards and skis or spent time learning to do so.

FFA advisor, Toby Koehn, said that as sponsors, the group takes on the prospect of feeding all the students and volunteers that make the event possible.

Physical Education teacher and basketball coach, Olan Fulfer, integrates the event into his classes. He likes the fact that students have a chance to learn to ski or snowboard, which they may not do outside of school.

Fulfer said that he appreciated the ski area and its volunteers who do an amazing job working with the students and show much patience and caring. He added that he’d like to have an additional ski day scheduled because of the event’s success and because of its benefits.

“It is a life long fitness sport which is something that we are always trying to promote,” Fulfer said. “It helps school morale also and gives the students something to look forward to and something else they can say was a highlight for school.”

Joseph senior, Steven Beckman, is a big fan of Ski Day.

“It is definitely something that a lot of kids in my school look forward too,” he said. “Kids will work hard all quarter to keep their grades up just so they can go ski at for the day. It also is just a good day for all the kids to just go out and have fun.”

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