Joseph Community Center

Git ‘er done! Raider Heck (green hoodie) and Scott Reinhardt put the finishing touch on the final installation piece of cement siding onto the front of the Joseph Community Center. The two and several other volunteers installed about 4500 square feet of the special siding in just a few days. Heck said the new siding will last more than five decades if properly taken care of.

The Joseph Community Center is getting a facelift. And it’s being done by volunteers with donated materials. Raider Heck and two friends completely re-sided the North East Street facility with more than 4500 sq. ft. of siding in just five days. Thanks to Jim Russell of 1917 Lumber in Joseph, Boise-Cascade is footing half the bill for the siding and James Hardie, the company that manufactures the cement panels, is contributing the other half. Joseph Hardware lent the use of their boom truck to help install the panels on the upper reaches of the facility. And an individual anonymously donated a 30-foot flag pole to stand in the front of the facility.

Heck, the project leader, said it was about time something was done.

“This building has needed a coat of paint for years,” he said. “The siding was not worth putting paint on because it’s been neglected too long. If you let it go, you can’t get ahead of it.”

The new siding is J. Hardie cement siding, which is a 5/16 inch siding actually made of concrete with a wood look and outside texture. Heck said the siding is the best choice for the climate. When completed, the siding will have a “board and batten” finish in order to comply with local ordinances requiring the building have a “western” appearance.

The city had budgeted to repair the siding on the facility. "We expected to take a pretty good hit (on the money budgeted), but it would have been worth it because this siding will last 50 years,” Heck said. “It’ll last even longer if it’s taken care of.” That will include trim, caulking, and a coat of 100percent vinyl exterior paint in the next few days.

Also slated in the very near future is a repaving of the parking lot, which Heck said would turn into a gravel pit if left unmaintained over another winter.

“It’s been really neat to see how many people have stepped up that really care,” Heck said. “They’re excited to have a nice, fresh clean facility that’s well cared for. This is a gem of an asset for the city of Joseph.”

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