A patron leaves the Enterprise Public Library in September 2020. The library recently added resources for students and job seekers which library director Denine Rautenstrauch said offer many different kinds of help, from tutoring to interview coaching.

ENTERPRISE — The Enterprise Public Library has added two resources through the company Brainfuse: HelpNow and JobNow.

“It’s provided by an organization that we belong to called Libraries of Eastern Oregon,” said Denine Rautenstrauch, director of the Enterprise Public Library.

HelpNow is an eLearning platform for students of all ages and levels. There is also an Adult Learning Center, which is essentially the same asset for adults.

HelpNow provides learning solutions for users of diverse needs and backgrounds, and features live tutoring, a writing lab, a 24/7 center, study tools and more.

“The HelpNow one is a great thing for students,” Rautenstrauch said. “There is PSAT practice, SAT practice … There is some really cool stuff available, and it’s free.”

The live tutors can use an interactive whiteboard to help students with homework problems. Tutors also can help with skill building and test preparation. HelpNow is personalized to each user.

In the writing lab, users can submit papers to receive feedback, while the 24/7 center is for math and science assistance.

LEAP, the study tool within HelpNow, uses lessons, quizzes and live, online tutoring to help users build academic skills. An assessment at the beginning of the course creates a learning plan for a student.

Collaborative tools — MEET and Brainwave — are also available for students who wish to work independently or form their own online study group.

In the adult learning center, users can get access to U.S. citizenship test prep, high school equivalency prep, resume assistance and more. The writing lab, skill building and more of the HelpNow assets are available in the ALC.

JobNow is exactly what it’s name sounds like: a platform that provides assistance for job hunters.

“The JobNow thing is going to be significant because of our limited employment office access,” Rautenstrauch said. “Often people want an electronic format for a resume. It’s going to do a lot of things and because it’s a commercial project — probably better than the state website.”

Its features include interview coaching, career resources, a resume lab and an ALC.

Interview coaching provides users an opportunity to hone in their interview skills, and even get online interview practice live from job coaches. There is also 24/7 access to interview tips and career resources, including help from coaches to strategically target jobs.

In the resume lab, a job coach will give detailed feedback and suggestions on any resume submitted.

And the learning center provides career-enhancing skills for job hunters, test preparation, and more.

“They can access it from their home computer or come and use our public access,” she said.

Visit the library’s website at enterpriseoregon.org for access. For more information, contact Rautenstrauch at 541-426-3906.

“They are welcome to call if they have any questions,” Rautenstrauch said.

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