New Year’s resolution time is coming and improvements to diet are often the target. In the past we may have seen this goal as a groan-inducing, massive change, multi-phased ordeal. More and more people, however, are learning that small corrections can lead to large rewards. The reduction of one class of foods, such as scaling back a heavy dairy intake, can dramatically improve an individual’s health. Quitting one food entirely, just one food, can also result in astonishing benefits.

Tamara Fuchs would like to help Wallowa County residents enjoy better health by kicking sugar. It’s something she’s done, herself — and she’s not going to pretend it isn’t a challenge. But she has a plan of attack that you may like.

Fuchs has created an eight-week “I Quit Sugar” program that allows Wallowa County folks to be part of a supported group as they strive to eliminate sugar from their diet.

Many ills have been associated with over-consumption of sugars, including poor energy management, belly fat, brain fog, faster aging, compromised immune system, and behavioral issues.

Fuch’s support group is family friendly and offers weekly support in the form of recipes and prizes for those who have managed to stick with the program as the eight weeks unfold.

The program costs $20 for individuals or $45 for families. The first meeting for participants is in person at The Place in Joseph, Dec. 27 at 6 p.m.. Fuchs will outline the program based on the book “I Quit Sugar” by Sarah Wilson.

You’ll have a few days after that to consult with your doctor if you have a medical condition that might make the challenge difficult, get your mind ready and try eliminating one or two of your biggest sugar sources.

Then it’s “go time.” The eight-week course will then begin Jan. 2.

After that first meeting, the group “meets” online.

“The challenge offers emails of weekly support, peer support, and fun ways to get through the toughest parts of the challenge,” said Fuchs.

For more information visit Fuch’s webpage at (click on contact us); email her at or call her at 541-263-1543.

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