Local horses being purchased for war

Chieftain archives The famed Charles “Silvertip” Seeber sits in front of a cabin at Aneroid Lake in this 1930 photograph. ABOUT PHOTO PUBLISHED OCT. 22: The nearly two dozen young men pictured are members of the Order of DeMolay, according to reader Eldon Foster, currently of Portland. Foster, a 1960 Enterprise High School grad, said he wasn't a DeMolay and thus isn't pictured, but he could identify at least five people who are: Dan Cornett, Roger Wagner, Jerry Weaver, Hank Morgan and Jerry Bash. He believes the photo was taken around 1955-56.


Nov. 5, 1914

A dry majority of 734 was counted in Wallowa county precincts reported last night... Nearly every precinct in the county voted dry. Joseph gave a substantial majority to that side of the issue and Lostine did the same. But to Flora belongs the honor of producing the banner majority of the county, and perhaps of the state. The report last night by telephone was that it had voted 103 dry and 7 wet... Enterprise, which votes heavier against saloons every time the question is up, cast 675 ballots on the amendment, of which 522 were dry and 143 were wet, a dry majority of 379.

The first buying of horses for use in the European war has been started in Wallowa county this week. A well known horse buyer with headquarters at present in Walla Walla, arrived in the county on Monday and passed the word along at the various towns that he wanted all the stock he could get of certain specified grades.

S.J. Warren and a woman who says she is his wife are held at the county jail on sate warrants, to await the action of the grand jury, which convenes November 16. Mr. Warren ran a hotel in Joseph last spring and summer. At that time he was accompanied by another woman, also reputed to be his wife... Under the federal “white slave” law a heavy penalty is provided for taking a woman from one state to another for immoral purposes.


Nov. 2, 1944

Sgt. Bradford Botts reports from Italy that four of the crew members of the Liberator bomber which made a forced landing here on the night of May 30 have been killed. Evidently the members of this crew left soon after the experience here as Sgt. Botts has been in Italy since some time in August.

The grand champion steer at the 4-H show last week in Portland was purchased from the Walter Brennan ranch at Lightning creek and exhibited by Jack Wilson of North Powder. The steer was sold on the auction block at $1.50 a pound, or $1,410, as the animal weighed 940 pounds. According to reports, when Brennan heard of the results he phoned long distance and told the 4-H club boy that he could have his pick of the animals on his ranch for next year’s project, as a gift.

FARM FOR SALE: 100 acres, 70 acres irrig., close to town, 6 room house with bath, elect., hot and cold water. Price $6000.

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Nov. 5, 1964

President Lyndon B. Johnson swept the county, state and nation in the general election held on Tuesday with a landslide which was not predicted by either party... In Wallowa County the vote on the high office was a little less than 2 to 1 in favor of Johnson with only two precincts showing a plurality for the GOP candidate... In the county election a total of about 2840 votes were cast, representing 82% of the 3458 registration. This ranks as one of the best turnouts for an election ever held in the county.

In Wallowa county the election held at the Enterprise city office to elect city officials turned out to be one of the most exciting. In the race between incumbent city recorder Pearl Collinsworth and challenger Clair Humphreys, 271 votes were cast for Mrs. Collinsworth and 271 for Mrs. Humphreys... The Enterprise city council met Wednesday night to canvas the vote... After inspecting the poll register the council agreed that there was some question as to the eligibility of some of the voters and decided that it would be in the best interest of the public and all concerned to schedule another election in an attempt to break the tie.

Work on the Wallowa County Nursing Home is now in the final stages with carpenters working full tilt on the installation of cabinets and finer woodworking parts of the job.


Nov. 2, 1989

The first assault in what some say is the worst noxious weed infestation in a forest fire rehabilitation project in Forest Service Region 6 history was wrapped up last week... A crew of 35 Forest Service employees has finished pulling and bagging yellow starthistle seed heads from 6,000 acres of forest land burned in the Teepee Butte fire along the breaks of Hells Canyon. The area was reseeded in October of 1988, and the seed was contaminated.

The first board of directors of the Wallowa Valley Health Care Foundation, which is in the process of being formed, was appointed by the Wallowa County Court last week. Don Hubbard, Paul Stephens, Don Swart, Mona Kay Williams, Jack McClaran and Mick Courtney have been named to the foundation board. One appointment is still pending, according to Wallowa County Judge Pat Combes.

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