Although there were hopes that the Enterprise City Council might be ready to announce a selection for new police chief at their March 14 meeting, the public will have to wait at least until the next meeting to learn that news.

What was announced was that there were three open slots in public service and only one appointment had been made so far.

The first opening came as a result of the resignation of City Councilwoman Laura Miller, who cited a schedule too full to allow her to continue to serve on Council. Miller is a new mother in addition to her many other responsibilities in the community. She was elected to her first term beginning January 2011 and served on multiple council committees in addition to volunteering in the community. All members of council and city staff were sad to see her go.

“It is with great sadness that we announce Laura Miller has resigned,” said Mayor Steve Lear. “We’ve done everything from begging to offering free baby-sitting.” The Planning Commission also has two vacancies; one commissioner chair has been open for some time, the other will soon be vacated by Rob Taylor, who took a job with Fish and Game on the Island of Midway in the Pacific Ocean that begins April 12.

Although understandably excited about his new position, Taylor wrote that he regretted not being able to continue service on the Enterprise City Planning Commission and hoped to find a way to serve in the community again upon his return in approximately 18 months.

Jim Sackett of Enterprise volunteered for a Planning Commission position and his application was unanimously accepted. He joins Chairman John Lawrence and commissioners Dave Ebbert, Margie Shaw, Jason Lyman and the departing Rob Taylor.

City Administrator Michelle Young advised the council that there were several other interested parties who might take the final open position on the Planning Commission.

Enterprise Public Works also will be filling a temporary summer position. Public Works Director Ron Neil announced that after discussions with Young to make sure there was money in the budget, he was requesting a part-time parks employee to mow, weed and otherwise care for the Enterprise City Park. The council unanimously approved the plan.

Those interested in the City Council position should contact Young at 541-426-4196.

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