Remodels in two Wallowa County buildings will bring health care to Joseph and a new brewpub to Enterprise.

Winding Waters Clinic will open a new office in Joseph in January, according to Nic Powers, CEO.

The office will be in Dr. Steven Zollman’s former Chief Joseph Dental Clinic on Main Street in Joseph, next to Sports Corral. Zollman went to work for Winding Waters in September part-time in the new dental suite at the 603 Medical Parkway, Enterprise, location.

Zollman will also continue to work at the Joseph location along with doctors and therapists who will be providing primary health care and behavioral health care in Joseph.

The office will be redesigned for the new purpose.

Winding Waters, a nonprofit community health organization, decided to add dentistry to its services because of the need for a practice that would accept Oregon Health Plan Insurance.

“We decided to do that because we thought there was a real community need for dental care –– particularly for the Oregon Health Plan population that would otherwise not have access to dentistry,” Powers said. “We also see a lot of benefit in having dental care in a medical setting.”

As an example, Powers told the story of a patient who came in for dental work with very high blood pressure. That individual was first sent to a medical doctor to get the blood pressure under control before attempting the dental work, Powers said.

The rumor that the old Ace Hardware store in downtown Enterprise will become a brewery is true. Neil Marzols of “Rants and Raves Brewery” of Moscow, Idaho, has confirmed that work in the building should begin in April opening in September.

Marzols purchased the entire building, which also contains both the Little Store and Department of Motor Vehicles. He won’t use all that space and said he also plans to carve off two more leased location spots in the Ace building

“It will be a Brewery taphouse,” said Marzols. “We’ll license it as a brewery, put a nano-brewery in and feature beers from both Enterprise and Moscow. We’ll serve food and do a brewing class, too.”

Marzols has been coming to Wallowa County for years because his wife –– Rami Rose Attebury –– is a native who graduated from Wallowa High in 1998.

“Her dad was Richard Attebury, a history teacher at Enterprise School. The family lived in Lostine for my wife’s entire childhood. She was the inspiration behind the move. We go to the county quite a bit and enjoy it there.”

The company makes at least 11 specialty brews, and the brewpub in Moscow hosts a weekly trivia game and is involved in numerous community events in Moscow.

Marzol’s construction company, Independent Homes Services, will do the remodel. One of his right-hand guys in the construction company is John Butler of Enterprise, he said.

Marzols expects to hire locally for the brew-pub.

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