Ontario man forced to kiss Stars and Stripes

Chieftain archivesWallowa County was served for many years by the Jaycees –– short for United States Junior Chamber. It was a leadership training and civic organization for people between the ages of 18 and 40. Here the Wallowa group members –– Jay Potter, Leonard Lombardi, Irv Nuss and Floyd Hall –– prepare for a feed of some sort (fish perhaps).


June 27, 1918

Hogs are certainly becoming aristocratic when they can ride in automobiles, but Ed Renfrow brought 40 head from near Troy last Friday in three trucks. Mr. Renfrow has lived at Troy for 34 years, since 1884, and the experience was a new one. The trucks shortened the trip greatly, John Silver covering the 45 miles in four hours and the others taking a little more time.

For making derogatory remarks, in which vile epithets were used, about the speech made by Capt. Briggs of the Texas National Guard on the Chautauqua platform here Monday night, Conrad O’Connell, a sheep buyer from Ontario, was forced to kiss the Stars and Stripes in the public square Tuesday morning by the loyal citizens of Joseph.

The sewer in south River street was cleared again last week after choking up once more. It is probable that some user throws trash into the pipes as they seldom clog unless abused.


June 24, 1948

Lunch at our fountain for rapid service, pleasant atmosphere and the best in sandwiches, salads, malted, sodas, sundaes, ice cream and sherbert. After the movies special – De Luxe hamburgers with ham and salad 35 cents, coffee 5 cents. Enterprise Dairy.

Three candidates have been selected to compete for election as queen of the Chief Joseph Days celebration. The candidates are Dolores Perren from Enterprise, Betty Jackson from Wallowa, and Mildred Hayes from Joseph.

A $68,000 bond issue was approved by the voters of the Joseph school district at a special election. The money will be used to make extensive repairs and improvements to the existing building, to construct a new industrial arts shop and to build a 4-room classroom unit to a new grade school building.

Shirley Rounsavell of Wallowa was named queen of the Wallowa county fair at the queen’s dance at the fairgrounds. Named as princesses of her court were Marian Repplinger of Lostine, Nellie Bird of Joseph and Laura Jean Pace of Enterprise.


June 27, 1968

A chartered bus from Portland came into Wallowa county last week filled with interested sightseers. The bus took them through Flora down into Troy over a road which some thought too hazardous for a 35-foot bus. Therefore, on the trip to Hat Point and vicinity, a school bus was used with more success and enjoyment for the passengers.

Sharpshooters have again been keeping line crews busy. Both Pacific Power & Light Company and General Telephone Co. reported this week that they have expended great amounts of time, effort and money repairing damage done by vandals with rifles.

More than 1,100 Boy Scouts from the Blue Mountain Council have registered for the 1968 summer camping season at Camp Wallowa, located at the head of Wallowa Lake.


June 24, 1993

Sixty-seven Wallowa County youngsters, with parents and adult volunteers, enjoyed a day of fishing and learning about fish at a free fishing clinic at Marr Wildlife Pond in Enterprise in celebration of National Fishing Week.

The cast and crew of this summer’s upcoming melodrama, “Deadwood Dick,” are currently very busy preparing for opening night on Joseph’s outdoor stage.

Patience will be a virtue this summer if you’re planning on entering or leaving Wallowa County. Motorists on Hwy. 82 are being delayed for up to 40 minutes near the Union and Wallowa County line as a highway construction crew rebuilds a two-mile section of the Minam grade. Approximately 60 feet of earth, rock and trees are being cut horizontally from the hillside all along the highway, using chain saws, dynamite and heavy equipment.

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