Jackie Hales, queen of the Pendleton Round-up in 1946, is shown in this Chieftain file photo.

100 years ago

June 2, 1921

After half a day off, the East Oregon plant resumed work yesterday noon with the same wages and hours of work as before. the half day of idleness was devoted to considering a proposed change in working hours.

The first day of June had been set as the date for a new wage scale to go into effect in the lumber industry of the northwest. This scale had been drawn up by a committee representing employers and workers and is about 14 per cent under the scale now paid in East Oregon mill. The reduction was made following the continued decline in the price of lumber.

The great sheep ranch of Peter Beaudoin will be broken up and the property liquidated as soon as business conditions permit. This is one of the results of the depression in sheep and wool which has cost every flockmaster in the country dearly. A safe for the valley lands of the ranch will be sought first, probably to many smaller farmers, and the sheep will be disposed of to any buyers who want them.

75 years ago

June 6, 1946

R. T. Sanders of Wallowa while fishing in Kinney lake last Friday hooked a 14-inch goldfish, which has been put in the fountain pool at the lodge at the lake. Mr. Sanders was fortunate in having a can with him so that he could keep the fish alive until he got it to town. It was kept in a tub of water back of the Chief Joseph hotel for a day or so before being taken to the lake. Mr. Raner of the fish commission here said that the fish was an ordinary goldfish that has grown up. How it ever happened to be in Kinney lake is anybody’s guess.

Mr. Keith Wilson of Joseph last week received from the French provisional government a communication awarding him the French Croix de Guerre medal for distinguished services rendered in the liberation of France while serving overseas with the 90th division.

Capt. Wilson took part in all campaigns in northern France, where he was more than six months in active combat duty with his division. He entered the service Jan. 20, 1942, and was discharged late last year.

50 years ago

June 3, 1971

Harold’s Women’s Apparel and the adjoining Haller Apartments, both owned by Harold Haller of Enterprise, wen up in smoke Friday night, causing an estimated loss of $90,000 to $100,000. Fourteen people were forced out of their homes in the buildings ten apartments, saving little more than what they could grab on their way out the door.

An old abandoned blacksmith shop and a two room partial residence burned to the ground early Sunday morning in Wallowa in spite of the efforts of fourteen volunteer firemen to save it. According to Fire Chief John Duckworth, Jr., there is a good chance that the fire was the result of arson.

25 years ago

May 30, 1996

The Enterprise High School golf team ended the 1996 season with a road last Tuesday, capturing its first-ever Oregon Class 2A-3A championship in the finals at Eagle Crest golf course in Redmond.

The Savages got outstanding performances from Derek Eddy, Clint Morgan, Chad Stangel and Rob Anderson enroute to a 665-stroke team victory. The Red-and-Black narrowly defeated Madras, the second-place squad with a 668; Siuslaw was third with 670, Tillamook fourth with 680, and Ontario fifth with 682. In all, 16 teams from the Class 2A and 3A levels participated.

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