Sept. 16, 1920

One of the attractions at the county fair is Bulger’s animal circus. The show travels in auto trucks now, but it is a question how it can get into Wallowa County over the canyon road in its present state.

On the Imnaha Road, there has always been a halfway stopping place, for the accommodations of travelers. A few years ago, Andrew Osmundson built a roomy house and barn for this business, just west of the forks of the Imnaha and Zumwalt roads.

Baxrney Hollywood has sold his lunch counter in the rear of Marr Brothers’ pool hall and left yesterday for Pendleton where he will remain until after the round-Up.

Miss Gladys Turner went to Heppner where she will teach this winter. She received a degree in penmanship from the Palmer school the past summer and this course will receive special attention in the Heppner school.


Sept. 13, 1945

Fire from a flue which was burning out destroyed the bungalow home on the Fred Wagner farm on Swamp Creek Saturday.

Arrangements were completed this week for the sale of the Dorrance home place on Crow Creek to John Fine and sons for a consideration of $30,000. This ranch, one of the really fine cattle ranches of the county, comprises 2,720 acres.

Sgt. Dan DeBoie, who went into the service three years ago, came back to Joseph for his first visit since he was sent for duty in the Pacific. He has been visiting his sister and old friends. As in the case of most boys, he finds Wallowa County scenery much more to his liking than that of the Pacific Islands.

Enrollment at the Wallowa School now stands at 295. Of this number, 207 are in the elementary grades and 88 in the high school.


Sept. 17, 1970

Members of one of the crews at the Joseph sawmill recently reached what may be a milestone in sawmill safety. They have worked 2,400 days without a lost-time accident.

What was expected to be a good season opener for the Enterprise High School Savages turned to utter disappointment when the gridiron team for Pomeroy blanked them out at 20-0 Friday night. Much of the fault for the defeat can be laid to early-season mistakes and the loss of hard-running Jim Pace during the first period.

A blue-ribbon cake was prepared by Dorothy Scott, of Wallowa, in the 4-H cake baking contest at the 1970 Oregon State Fair. In this event, 4-H members prepared a single-layer cake using soft white wheat flour.


Sept. 14, 1995

Cycle Oregon brought 2,200 bicyclists into the county on a whirlwind visit. They came from 36 states and two or three foreign countries. EHS student Kate Forster and her mother Sharon participated in the ride, as did Diane Highberger, Linda Hilderman and Harold Black.

Mack Birkmaier, a Wallowa County rancher and president of the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association for the past two years, will be “roasted” by his colleagues during a banquet at this year’s Oregon Cattlemen’s Association Convention in Pendleton.

The 1995 Wallowa County 4-H senior livestock judging team won first place in the Oregon State Fair Livestock Judging Contest in Salem. The senior team members are Rory Johnson, Kyle Johnson, Laina Stitzel, David Temple and Tisha Stangel. They are coached by Amy Johnson.

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