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100 years ago

February 20, 1919

A subject which has been up for public discussion many times, the Sunday opening of picture shows, came to a crisis again last Sunday afternoon. The production proved a great attraction, and was seen by between 400 and 700 persons. Petitions asking the council to take steps to prevent the continuance of Sunday shows were drawn up and were circulated at the churches. They asked the council to act because the Sunday opening would prove detrimental to public morals and would be harmful to the churches and their work.

Chas. J. Fleming, a rancher, living 3 miles above Troy, in the Eden country, had the misfortune to lose his house by a fire, which burned it to the ground on the night of Feb. 14.

Work on the auto sales and storage room between the Enterprise garage and the tinshop at the west has been resumed with the approach of spring. The building is being erected by Daniel Boyd for the use of the Wallowa Milling & Grain company, which does an extensive automobile business.

70 years ago

February 17, 1949

For several weeks Francis McNall and Don Davis, Zumwalt and Chico star route carriers, have been having the mail flown out and in since the Crow creek and Zumwalt roads have been blocked with snow, but during the past week the carriers have been unable even to make it from one ranch to another and have had to call on Mr. Dunsmore to fly the mail from one boxholder to the next. The two roads are now choked full of snow five and six feet deep all the way.

Considerable interest is being shown in the bowling tournament at Joseph with six men’s teams and eight ladies’ teams entered. Many fans are enjoying the open bowling hours in addition to the league play.

J.L. Schaefer and Bob Whitmore have opened a plumbing and electrical shop in the building on river street just south of Harold’s store (the old Rodgers garage building.)

50 years ago

February 20, 1969

Honored by the Chamber of Commerce in Enterprise was Ben Weathers, “Old Timer”, on the occasion of his 87th birthday. A crowd of 120 gathered at the Catholic parish hall to pay tribute to Ben for nearly seven decades of service to Wallowa county.

Rhonda Kiser has been named 1969 Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow for Joseph High School on the basis of her score in a written knowledge and attitude test on homemaking given senior girls here.

The Joseph Chamber of Commerce last week adopted a resolution for revamping of the method used in selecting the queen of Chief Joseph Days. For some considerable time the chamber has been subject to criticism and complaint because of some of the procedures used in selecting the queen and court. The selling of tickets has long been a bone of contention. It will be done in the future only by the final candidates and it is agreed by the Chamber that the proceeds from the sale of tickets will be used to defray the expenses of the queen and court throughout the season. The number of trips and appearances will be entirely dependent upon the amount of these ticket sales.

25 years ago

February 17, 1994

Over 100 persons attended the Wallowa County Chamber of Commerce awards banquet in which selected community leaders were recognized. Honored along with new chamber president Bruce Penoski were Gerald Perren, Mike Wiedeman, Ted Zeller, Rod and Linda Childers, Carol Wallace and Mike Hayward.

Wallowa County will lose two of its three sawmills by 1997, according to a report released last week by a team of scientists from throughout the Pacific Northwest. The study was commissioned by the Wallowa County Court and Union County Board of Commissioners.

Dick Quinn, Enterprise High School’s boy basketball coach for 28 seasons has announced his retirement at the end of this season. A razzle-dazzle, run-and-gun style of play has characterized Enterprise boys’ basketball ever since he took the head coaching job, in 1966.

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