The political action committee formed to support a “yes” vote on the formation of a library district next May began work with a small group of individuals in the Enterprise Library basement.

Angela Bombaci of Lostine volunteered to take on the job of volunteer coordinator and to begin forming a group to call the 800 or so who originally signed the petition to preserve the county library.

The Wallowa County Board of Commissioners voted this spring to defund the library to help fill a budget gap, prompting the ideas of forming a district.

Autumn Wilburn, who has been leading much of the effort, said she is stepping aside but volunteered to act as treasurer.

Jill Dougherty will begin collecting endorsements for the measure; Kim Witherrite will be working on developing a media campaign; county librarian Susan Polumsky and city librarian Denine Rautenstrauch will help condense 11 pages of information into talking points. Several others volunteered for positions that will “firm up” in the coming week.

With Wilburns resignation, the group has no chair .However, the group has been advised their “chairman” can be a “to do list,” if no individual steps up.

That advice and more came from “Every Library,” a national nonprofit dedicated exclusively to political action at the local level to preserve libraries. They train, coach and consult with library communities free.

Feasibility researcher and budget officer Ruth Metz, who worked on a contract basis, also continues to work pro bono with the group.


Anyone interested in volunteering to help is invited to contact Autumn Wilburn at and attend the next PAC meeting, 6-7 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 7, at Building Healthy Families, 207 NE Park Street in Enterprise. A light supper will be provided before the meeting at 5:30 p.m., and childcare will be available. At this meeting, various committee heads will be prepared to organize volunteers and make assignments and a short list of talking points will be provided. Volunteers will be able to select the committee that best utilizes their skills: fundraising and event planning; phone calling or knocking on doors to remind residents to get their ballots in; helping with graphic design, messaging and media contact; coordinating public meetings and coffees to educate voters; speaking to service clubs such as Rotary and Lions; writing letters to the editor and other jobs.

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