Pamona Grange awards great citizenship

photo Pamona Grange #22 made their Outstanding Community Citizenship Awards at the Wallowa County Fair last weekend, honoring non-granger Linda Koloski and granger Nancy Cannon. Pictured left to right: Linda Koloski, Barbara McCormack, Grace Gray and Nancy Cannon.

Wallowa Pomona Grange #22 made their Outstanding Community Citizenship Awards at the Wallowa County Fair last Saturday and honored Linda Koloski of Enterprise and Nancy Cannon of Flora.

The two awards recognize both a granger (Cannon) and a non-granger (Koloski) for extraordinary public service in their community.

Granger Award: Cannon, a member of the North End Grange in Flora, has been chairperson of Grange Workers Activities for six years and is well known throughout the county for her willingness to pitch in any time a service organization or individual asks for help. As an example, she sewed one third of the 205 satchels made as gift bags for attendees of the State Grange Session held in Pendleton in June/July.

Cannon often makes her work with the Grange a family affair, ringing along her husband, children and grandchildren as volunteers.

Non-granger Award: Veterans living in Wallowa will recognize Koloski as the cook at the VFW Hall in Enterprise. Her husband Mike is a retired U.S. Coast Guard officer and the couple’s two sons are also both in the military. Linda is an officer in the VFW Auxiliary and is well known for her many services in the veterans community including cooking for the Memorial Dinner at the fair and helping wrap 300 boxes for Elks Christmas baskets every year.

She has been a member of the Wallowa Mountain Quilters Guild and chairs the “Quilts of Honor” program that makes quilts for the WWII veterans in the community. She and her husband also helped organize the local chapter of the Parkinson’s Support Group and are very active in the arts community.

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