Re-Actions losing 2 members to graduation

Chieftain ArchivesHere's an interesting photo of an event that obviously required a costume. Do you know who these three gentlemen are and do you know what the event was?


Apr. 25, 1918

O.S. Hamilton returned from central Oregon where the sheep-shearing crew he had been working with went on strike. The men were getting 12.5 cents and board and demanded 15 cents and board.

With an evening of rare entertainment by Laurant the magician, the opera house lyceum was brought to a close. Laurant entertained the audience by turning goblets of bran into candy and pulling rabbits out of coat pockets.

F.R. Suydam has sold his store in Flora to Ray Renfrow, who has moved the goods to Paradise where he also bought out H.F. Fischer. Mr. Suydam and his brother came out from the north end in their car last week.


Apr. 22, 1948

Forms are being laid for the foundations of three new buildings in Joseph this week. The new buildings will house a theater, a dry cleaning establishment and a bowling alley.

The sophomore class of Enterprise High School will present a three-act comedy in the gym. Members of the cast are Carol Shroll, Beverly Dorn, Ella Evans, Robert Long, Vivian Bales, Loveta Shumway, Berton Bailey, Annita Bacon, Marilyn Stringham and Larry Strickland.

The Wallowa Livestock Marketing Association is again receiving livestock at Wallowa for shipment to Portland. Dale Renfrow has installed scales and corrals at his home in Wallowa and will receive stock every Saturday morning or early Saturday afternoon. George Lewis will truck the stock to Portland where it will be sold at the Monday market.


Apr. 25, 1968

Unconfirmed reports this week indicate that the Oregon State Highway Commission is endeavoring to become a large landowner in Wallowa County. According to the highway commission appraiser who made the local contacts, the highway commission is in the process of purchasing all of the land from the Wallowa River to the top of the mountain on each side of the river for the entire length of the Wallowa Canyon. This, he indicated, would be set aside as a “scenic drive.”

The Re-Actions, probably the most popular dance combo group ever to be formed in Wallowa County, faces the graduation of two of its band members this year. Henry Kinsley and David Morgan, both seniors at Enterprise High School, will head to college in the fall, while Andy Gilbert, a sophomore, stays behind. The band has performed throughout eastern Oregon and Washington since their formation in 1964.

Mrs. Melvin Brink of Enterprise was the winner of the Council Toastmistress speech contest held in Walla Walla. Mary Lou spoke on the subject, “A Thoroughly Modern Me.”


Apr. 22, 1993

The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department has delayed implementation of the new day use fee at Wallowa Lake State Park for one month in order to explore other revenue options. A new $3 per car day use fee was scheduled to go into effect May 8.

An amusement park at Wallowa Lake last week was appealed to the Wallowa County Planning Commission. The appeal was filed on Friday by Jude Carllon, who hopes to overturn an April 8 decision of the Wallowa Lake Design Committee authorizing Woody and Marlene Mcdowell to set up an amusement park for small children across the street from Matterhorn Swiss Village in the commercial recreation zone.

Mike Warner, a 15-year veteran of the U.S. Postal Service who worked his way up through the ranks, was sworn in as new Joseph Postmaster in a short ceremony.

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