100 Years Ago

Sept. 23, 1915

Exhibits at the county fair show an unusually large and meritorious display of field products in the main pavilion, with Joseph and Imnaha precincts attracting great attention. In livestock, the swine section is well filled with excellent exhibits. Cattle and horses are below the showing of last year. This is accounted for by the fact so many farmers are busy harvesting and threshing the immense crops, and so could not spare the time to get their stock in. The stock was late in arriving for the same reason.

A new manner of travel was introduced this week on the East Oregon company’s railroad. It is called, by J. C. Edsall, the builder, a Ford track motor, and it consists of a Ford automobile with stile flanged rims fitted over the regular wheels. The steering gear is disconnected and all the driver has to do is to start the engine and control the speed.

By the accidental discharge of a .22 caliber rifle in the hands of Elmer Emmons last Friday morning, at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Emmons of Elk Mountain, Nora Read was fatally wounded. She recovered from the immediate effect of the shock, and believed she would get well. Tuesday afternoon her brother John Read went to the home of Walter C. Teel to telephone to Enterprise that she had gained so much that she was considered out of immediate danger. As he started to leave the house, a messenger arrived from Mr. Emmons’ home, bearing word that his sister was dead.

Two additional threshing machines were taken into the hills east of town a few days ago, to help handle the grain on the new farms. One was brought from Union county by Mr. Wilson, whose son has a homestead near the Buttes. This was unloaded Monday night and went to the Buttes at once, to begin on T. S. Fort’s place. The other was a new Rumely outfit brought by H. E. Davis of the Three Lakes district.

70 Years Ago

Sept. 20, 1945

A resolution passed by the Joseph chamber of commerce recommending the establishment of a state park at the head of Wallowa lake was read to members of the Enterprise Lions club Tuesday night, and following a discussion of the project, the club voted to concur in the resolution and to communicate the action of the club to the superintendent of the state park system and the state highway commission under whose jurisdiction the park system operates. A letter from the director of the park system stating that the Joseph commercial club resolution had been referred to the individual members of the state highway commission ahead of their next scheduled meeting was read to the club.

A program was presented at the memorial services held at the Wallowa Methodist church Sunday honoring the memory of those boys from the community who gave their lives for their country in the recent war.

Miss Chella Pickett, pioneer school teacher of Wallowa county, passed away at her home in Wallowa Sunday evening. Chella Pickett was born the daughter of George and Margaret Pickett on January 24, 1862, at Dowaglac, Mich. When she was ten years old she with her family moved to Walnut, Kansas, where she grew up and began her career as a school teacher. On Oct. 2, 1881, Miss Pickett, along with her family, came to the Wallowa valley. Miss Pickett had lived in this community ever since that time.

Capt. Gayle Stockdale, who arrived in Enterprise Sunday, Sept. 9, on a short furlough, left the first of the week for Camp Beale, Calif., where he will receive an honorable discharge from the army, after which he will return to Enterprise permanently.

50 Years Ago

Sept. 23, 1965

The gaps of disagreement between the school boards of Wallowa county closed dramatically Monday evening when the Wallowa County School Boards Association met at the Enterprise school to discuss consolidation issues. At a previous meeting it had been proposed by members of the Enterprise and Wallowa boards that the Imnaha and Joseph districts give up the High Mountain Sheep Dam site before holding their vote on an administrative district to include those two districts.

A tragic accident involving one car claimed the life of two local people Saturday morning as a couple were en route to Spokane, Washington. Vernon and Helen Bonfield of Enterprise both lost their lives as a result of the accident. The couple were driving north on the Enterprise – Lewiston highway about 6 a.m. and were in the vicinity of the Day ridge road turn-off when the accident occurred. Judging from the tire marks and evidence at the scene of the accident, police officers surmised that Bonfield had encountered a deer on the highway at the scene of the accident and in swerving to miss the animal, lost control of the car.

25 Years Ago

Sept. 20, 1990

The state Board of Bar Examiners this week voted unanimously to recommend to the Supreme Court that Mary Grote, candidate for Wallowa County district attorney, be admitted to the Oregon State Bar.

The Wallowa County booth at the Oregon Convention Center in Northeast Portland will be found in a prime location — near one of the main entrances, and taking up four regular booth spaces at the end of an aisle — during this weekend’s grand opening.

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