Bull moose poaching

A bull moose was illegally killed in Wallowa County in November.

Oregon State Police Fish and Wildlife troopers continue to seek the public’s help to catch the poacher or poachers who shot and killed a bull moose in November in Wallowa County. And the Oregon Hunters Association’s reward in the case now stands at $7,500.

Pledges from OHA chapters across the state poured in, according to a written statement from state police, which increased the cash reward amount to $7,500 for information leading to a citation or arrest of who poached the bull moose.

And Krebs Ranch, near the Zumwalt Prairie Preserve in the Chesnimnus unit, is offering a $3,500 guided bull elk hunt to the person that provides the information.

State police reported the illegal kill occurred between Nov. 8 and Nov. 11, during the final days of the second season for bull elk, off of the U.S. Forest Service 46 Road between Teepee Pond and mile marker 35 in the Chesnimnus Big Game Unit.

“Additionally, a side-by-side UTV was used to haul the moose meat and parts from the kill site back to the campsite,” state police reported.

OHA Conservation Director Jim Akenson, who resides in Wallowa County, called the poaching tragic, “Especially because our moose population is low with fewer than 70 in Oregon.”

State police urged anyone in that area at the time with information that will help identify any suspect to call the Turn In Poachers — TIP — line at 800-452-7888, senior trooper Mark Knapp at 541-426-3049, or email TIP@state.or.us.

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