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The flat-top membrane roof of Enterprise High School will be replaced with a peaked roof this year in an $8 million refurbishment project planned by the Enterprise School District. Other improvements, such as energy-efficient windows and HVAC, also are planned.

ENTERPRISE — The Enterprise School District’s plan for how it intends to use the funding from the bond tax levy approved by voters in November is in place.

Roof repair, HVAC update, asbestos abatement and installing energy-efficient windows are among nine projects that will be performed at all three schools in the district and paid for by the $8 million the district has on hand — $4 million from the bond levy 57% of voters said yes to late last year and $4 million matching from an Oregon School Capital Improvement grant from the Oregon Department of Education.

The roof at all three schools will be tackled first, as Superintendent Erika Pinkerton called that the most urgent component of the project.

“We’re in crisis mode with the roof, to be honest,” Pinkerton said.

She shared a story of being at a Christmas play in the school her first year on the job and felt a drip of water hit her shoulder. She asked high school Principal Blake Carlsen, who was standing next to her, about it, and he pointed to a tarp on the ceiling full of water that was starting to drip.

A flat membrane roof is currently what is on the building, but there are times that there is standing water on it, and when the water freezes then thaws, it causes cracks in the roof.

“The installation quality was not at par,” Pinkerton said of the roof, which she said was put in place about 15 or 16 years ago. “There were multiple issues when that roof was installed.”

The new roof will have a pitch on it to allow better runoff.

Of the $8 million in the project, Pinkerton said $1.12 million is budgeted for the roof. She added that had the bond not passed, the district still would have addressed the problem, but it would have been building by building and not the three schools at once.

“The roofs, there are multiple leaks throughout the entire campus, (and) there are harder-hit areas than others,” she said.

Construction on the roof is slated to begin in June.

The rest of the restoration or replacement projects will begin later in the year and will run through next summer.

Among them is another project of high importance — getting the school to ADA standards. That includes remodeling restrooms and upgrading wheelchair ramps currently in the school that are too steep, Pinkerton said. Part of the upgrades also include installing elevators in the junior high and high schools, and at the middle school installing a lift and a ramp from the foyer to the gym.

“I’m really excited about the lifts,” Pinkerton said. “There’s going to be an elevator. Our ramps are going to be at an appropriate incline.”

She said that because of the current ramp slant, portions of the school are more difficult to access by someone in a wheelchair.

“There are parts that they cannot (access) or they are not equitable,” she said.

Other parts of the project, such as remodeling and updating the junior high and high school science rooms, are still in the development stage. The architecture firm on the job, Design West — based in Meridian, Idaho — is meeting with science teachers this week to look at the four rooms set apart for the subject and how they need to be improved, as well as other facets of the job.

Another part, which Pinkerton said should be completed by the summer of 2022, is replacing the asbestos flooring throughout all three schools. The superintendent said how much is in the floors is uncertain.

“You just don’t know until you get in there,” she said.

Pinkerton added a $600,000 contingency is built into the budget for the remodel and upgrades.

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