Ruby Peak Realty opens

Members of the newly formed Ruby Peak Realty Inc. in Joseph include, from left, Lindsey Chrisman, Anette Christoffersen, Diane Daggett, Kirk Makin, Kent Sands and Michele Baird.

Ruby Peak Realty opened its doors in the Daggett building at 83365 Joseph Highway Feb. 12. The new firm combines agents from Wallowa County Brokers and Wallowa Mountain Properties.

Kirk Makin and Kent Sands of Wallowa County Brokers and Michele Baird, Anette Christoffersen and Diane Daggett, former brokers with Wallowa Mountain Properties make up the team of brokers.

Lindsey Chrisman is the office manager and is also working on obtaining her real estate license. The team has a total of 67 combined years of experience in real estate.

“I was looking to create an office with a team of top producing brokers, with broad expertise and experience to serve our clients with ranch, residential and commercial properties,” said Makin, who is the owner of the firm. “Because we are committed to providing strong fiduciary and ethical representation, we will provide the best service for our buyers and sellers. This is a great group of brokers that will work well together while having a positive and fun office atmosphere.”

Makin has been the owner of Wallowa County Brokers since 2004 and is planning to close that office in the near future and conduct all business from Ruby Peak Realty.

Ruby Peak will be completely rebranded with new logo, signs, a website and advertising. The office is in a prime location with a large parking lot for easy access.

The company can be reached at 541-432-5000 or The website is

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