Sentence handed down in elk poaching case.

photo/Oregon State PoliceInvestigators seized elk antlers scoring 319 Boone and Crockett. They say the bull elk was taken illegally on Sept. 7, 2014.

An Enterprise man’s hunting privileges have been suspended for three years as part of his sentence for taking an elk without a valid elk tag and second-degree criminal trespass.

Skyler Willis, 23, was sentenced Aug. 5 by Wallowa County Circuit Court Judge Russell West. Willis was convicted of the charges on July 23.

According to a statement from Oregon State Police (OSP), Willis shot a trophy 6-point bull elk with his bow Sept. 7, 2014, on the Zumwalt Prairie, which is located in the Chesnimnus Wildlife Management Unit. Willis did not have a valid Chesnimnus Unit Tag and was also trespassing on The Nature Conservancy property when he retrieved his bull elk.

OSP Fish and Wildlife Division Troopers from Enterprise conducted a three-month-long investigation into the crime, OSP stated. As a result, the elk antlers, which scored 319 Boone and Crockett, the elk meat as well as the bow that Willis used to unlawfully kill the bull elk were subsequently seized. The investigation included the use of DNA evidence, and Willis was cited in February 2015.

In addition to the suspension of hunting privileges, Willis’ sentence includes 24 months of supervised probation, during which time Willis is prohibited from possessing any firearms or archery equipment and is not to accompany anyone who is hunting. Willis also had a one-year suspended jail sentence and received eight days of work crew and seven days of community service. The elk antlers, elk meat and bow are forfeited to the state.

Additionally, Willis is to write letters of apology to the hunters of Oregon and to The Nature Conservancy. He was further ordered to pay $5,000 in restitution for the trophy bull elk and $200 in fines.

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