Three 2020 petitions filed to recall Gov. Brown

In 2020, three separate petitions were filed to recall Oregon Gov. Kate Brown.

On April 30, Kurt Saidon filed a petition that cited denying a vote on the Gross Sales Tax Receipt, mandatory vaccinations, granting driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, and “Declaring Oregon a Sanctuary State.” That petition has since been withdrawn.

A recall petition filed by Philomath school bus driver Kelsey Massey filed on May 2, 2020 remains active. That petition lists 12 reasons for recall including those on Saidon’s list. The additions include “the right to fully protect themselves through 2nd amendment rights…” and failure to address the PERS crisis…” Signatures for that petition drive are due on July 31, 2020.

The recall petition that is currently being circulated at booths in Wallowa County was filed by Bill Currier, chairman of the Oregon Republican Party on June 2, 2020. The petition lists the following reasons for recall:

“ Governor Brown has abused the office of governor and failed the people of Oregon in the following ways:

• Used COVID-19 to unlawfully restrict our freedoms, causing needless economic ruin

• Denied citizens the right to fully protect themselves as guaranteed by the Constitution

• Denied citizens protection from the growing domestic terrorist threat known as Antifa

• Attempted to deprive Oregon’s working families of jobs using faulty environmental policy

• Attempted to deprive Oregon’s families their right of medical and religious freedom

• Failed to address the PERS crisis that threatens the economy and government retirees

• Failed to protect Oregon’s foster children and failed to cooperate with investigations

• Overturned the will of the voters by granting Oregon driver’s licenses to illegal aliens

• Overturned the will of the voters by reversing ballot measures that limited taxation

• Squandered taxpayer money to launch frivolous million-dollar, politically driven lawsuits

• Repeatedly supported the use of the “emergency clause” on non-emergency legislation (effectively denying the voters of Oregon a voice on legislation they oppose)

Recall Petition website:

For more information about the recall petition in Wallowa County, contact the petitioners or Annette Lathrop through the Wallowa County Republican Party Facebook page:

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