Terminal Gravity Cans

Cans show some of the beers Terminal Gravity offers. The Enterprise brewery is making a return to the Puget Sound area, the company announced.

ENTERPRISE — Terminal Gravity beer is heading west, from Enterprise where it is brewed to the northern Washington Cascades, where fans are awaiting its return, the craft brewery announced July 13.

The long-time local brewery will offer its full-flavored beer throughout the Puget Sound area in a partnership with Seattle specialty distributor Browar Polska Distributing, according to a press release.

“This won’t affect our operations here too much,” said Grady Nelson of Enterprise, the company’s marketing manager. “It just means we’ll be sending a little more beer out the door each year.”

Natalie Millar, general manager and chief financial officer of Terminal Gravity, said the brewery has constantly received messages from fans in Northwest Washington looking for Terminal Gravity beer.

“We’re just happy to be able to put TG beer back in the hands of those customers again,” Millar said.

The TG beers will be made available by Browar Polska, a distributor that specializes in high-quality craft beer, wine and cider products. The products have experienced strong sales demand despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Combined with Browar Polska’s sister company, Kendall’s Pioneer Distributing, TG will be available in establishments and retailers where independent craft brews are available throughout Washington’s Interstate 5 corridor.

“We are very excited to bring Terminal Gravity to the Puget Sound,” said Sam Madrid, general manager of Browar Polska. “They are great partners with our sister company, Kendall’s Pioneer Distributing in Southwest Washington, and we are pleased they chose us to support their growth in Northwest Washington.”

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