Tippett donates prize painting back to veterans

photo/Katherine Stickroth Janie Tippet with the painting she won, and then promptly donated to Divide Camp, where it will presumably adorn a cabin wall.

A grandmother of more than one wounded U.S. war veteran, Janie Tippett of Joseph, not only won the drawing for a Mike Koloski painting Nov. 3 held at the Josephy Center to raise funds for Divide Camp, but plans to give it to Divide Camp to be hung for the benefit of veterans who access that remote cluster of cabins while seeking healing from the trauma of war.

One of Tippett’s grandsons, James Nash, not only is a wounded veteran, but serves in the capacity as operations chief for Divide Camp.

Julie Wheeler, the woman who initiated Divide Camp 20 miles east of Joseph in 2012, says 234 tickets at $10 each were sold for a chance to win Koloski’s painting titled “Into The Canyon,” and after expenses $2.090 was raised for the camp.

The drawing was held at the conclusion of the one-month “Year of the Horse” exhibit held at the Josephy Center. Koloski, like his peers at Divide Camp, is a veteran. He has his studio at the Josephy Center. Josephy Center Director Cheryl Coughlin describes Koloski as their “artist in residence.”

Tickets were sold for about one month, and Wheeler says experiments to market tax-deductible raffle tickets through social media and take payments via PayPal were successful.

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