War causes teacher shortage in Wallowa County

A photo from the not-so-distant past. Does anyone know what year this was taken and the identity of these Wallowa High School volleyball players?


Sept 19, 1918

The impossible has happened, for an automobile has been driven to Snake River. It has found a snug garage under a hackberry bush at Mike Thomason’s place at Pittsburg. The car belongs to Frank Wilson who drove it in from Colorado, and reached Snake river by way of the Salmon, using the bed of the latter stream for a road, jumping over rocks and plowing through gravel beds and sand and going where everybody said a car could not possibly go.

As one result of the war, there is a marked shortage of school teachers in Wallowa County, and elsewhere. Supt. J.C. Conley found there were 20 districts without teachers, and he has been making great efforts to fill the serious want. To tide over the emergency, he has the authorization to make teachers out of high school graduates.

Material for surgical dressings has been received and work will begin to assemble them in the Burnaugh building. Women who have signed pledge cards will report at the hour named.


Sept. 16, 1948

All of the grain elevators in Wallowa County are jammed to the gunwales and only farm storage remains for the thousands of bushels of the 1948 crop still remaining to be harvested. All of the elevators have been filling up extra space, rigging up temporary storage cribbing and stacking what grain they could handle, but the remaining grain in the fields will have to be held on the farm or dumped in the open.

Six school districts in Wallowa County that had planned to hold school this year were still without teachers last week. An elementary teacher was still needed in the Flora school. Seventy-two teachers are on the job over the county.

Five Wallowa County 4-H Club members carried off prizes at the Oregon state fair in Salem last week: Kathryn Weaver, Mary Ann McCrae, Dolores Goulet, and George and Wilmont Elder.


Sept. 19, 1968

The Enterprise Chamber met at the Circle T Cafe to discuss plans for a Christmas promotional program. They decided to check into the cost of a camper trailer that may be purchased with the idea of selling chances on it.

The Chief Joseph Days rodeo court accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Dave Turner, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hatch and Roy Carter, visited the movie set of “Paint Your Wagon” last Wednesday in Baker.

Work of reshaping and generally rehabilitating the north and south dams on Minam Lake is expected to be completed the end of this week.


Sept. 16, 1993

Misty Davis captured the lead in the junior barrel racing event during the 13th annual Hells Canyon Mule Days held over the weekend at the Wallowa County Fairgrounds. A good crowd of muleskinners from throughout the Pacific Northwest turned out for the annual mule show and sale.

Wallowa County will begin a model recycling collection program throughout the county by Oct. 1. Residents may begin using recycling bins at Joseph, Lostine and Wallowa collection stations and at the Ant Flat landfill.

The Wallowa County senior 4-H judging team is number one in the state. Members of the top team, which includes the state’s top judges, are Travis Jones, Christi Johnson, coach Amy Johnson, Christy Stitzel, Clint Johnson, Jaime Hagenah and Reid Wynans.

School enrollment figures returned this week indicate that the trend is the same at the three large Wallowa County school districts – high school enrollment is up, but the number of elementary children is down, creating a net enrollment loss at all three districts. Overall the county suffered a net loss of 19 students countywide over the past year.

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