Liza Jane McAlister owns and runs the 6 Ranch just west of Enterprise. Her ranch mission: ”To produce healthy food, restore ecosystems, and preserve western traditions” drives and sustains her business.

The sixth generation on this ranch, McAlister raises Corriente cattle, and also markets their beef to food stores and restaurants in northeastern Oregon and Portland. Products include a boxed ¼ beef, individual cuts, and “whole grind” ground beef that includes meat from steak, roasts and other cuts. 6 Ranch beef is highly valued as low in fat, high in nutrients, and, simply, delicious.

McAlister, a hands-on rancher who does most of the work herself, began raising beef about 30 years ago with 20 conventional cattle. “I started thinking we needed a breed that could go anywhere, be light on the land, graze on steep ground, and was really hardy.” she said. She decided to try Corrientes—a breed that originated from Spanish cattle brought to the Southwest as early as 1493.

McAlister operates a farm stand on her ranch that carries products from 15 producers in Wallowa County. She’s considering opening another in Joseph. “We raise such good food here,” she said. “ I want our local foods to be more accessible to people who live here.”

Where to find 6 Ranch beef:

Enterprise, Oregon

- Liza Jane’s farm stand; The Dollar Stretcher; Ruby Peak Naturals; Terminal Gravity Brewing

Joseph, Oregon

- East Fork Brewing; Winding Waters River Expeditions.

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