Just who will represent Joseph on the city counil next year is still up in the air, as a result of a long list of write-ins tabulated in the November election.

The official count of the Nov. 5 elections will be announced next Monday, and the city can then go about the business of determining who will be its new city councilors at the beginning of the new year.

During the Nov. 5 vote Joseph had one name on the ballot, Jenny Ballard, and three positions to fill. Ballard got elected, but the other two positions, via the write-in process, are still to be decided. It is known who received the most write-in votes, but according to County Clerk Charlotte McIver the city should not approach the individuals about accepting the position until the final results are posted.

From unofficial results the top write-in vote getter is Grady Bronson who received 12 votes. Second on the list would be Gary Logosz with nine votes. Logosz is just completing his term as city councilor and did not choose to run again for the position.

If Bronson and Logosz were to agree to serve the city of Joseph for the next four years as councilors the decision would be simple. If either one or both were to turn down the position the complexity of the situation would increase markedly.

Paul Castilleja would be next in line with five votes, but he already has a seat on the city council and his votes would not be counted.

Next in line would come seven additional individuals with four votes each. The process for selecting a councilor from that logjam, according to city hall, would be an interview process with the city council matching who would be willing to serve the city with the council's preferences.

Among those seven individuals receiving four votes each were Tim Nitz (who, like Logosz is completing a term and elected not to run again), Tanya Collier, former councilor Cathy Maben, Catherine Matthias, Bob Geller, Stewart Jones and Heather Tyreman.

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