ENTERPRISE SCHOOLSMonday, Oct. 29: (Breakfast: Sausage gravy & biscuits) Lunch: Chicken sandwich & brownies

Tues., Oct. 30: (Breakfast: Waffles) Lunch: Tacos

Weds., Oct. 31:(Breakfast: Pancake sticks) Lunch: Chili & cheese and fries

Thursday, Nov. 1: (Breakfast: Cereal) Lunch: No lunch - students dismissed at noon

(Fresh fruit, vegetables & milk served daily)

JOSEPH SCHOOLSMonday, Oct. 29: (Breakfast:Biscuits & sausage gravy) Lunch: Wiener wraps or Chili with fries

Tues., Oct. 30: (Breakfast: Croissant & hard-boiled eggs) Lunch:Hamburger gravy over potatoes or Chicken tenders & cherry cobbler

Weds., Oct 31: (Breakfast: French toast) Lunch: Chicken enchiladas or Cheese quesadillas

Thurs., Nov. 1: (Breakfast: ) Lunch:

(Fresh fruit, vegetables & milk served daily)

WALLOWA SCHOOLSMonday, Oct. 29: (Breakfast:Cheese stick & wholewheat roll) Lunch: Baked potato or Pizza pocket

Tuesday, Oct. 30: (Breakfast: Cereal & muffin) Lunch: Enchiladas or Chicken nuggets

Weds., Oct. 31: (Breakfast: Sausage pup) Lunch: Hamburger or Burrito

Thursday, Nov. 1: (Breakfast: Bagels & cream cheese) Lunch: Fried chicken or Grilled cheese & barley soup

(Fresh fruit, vegetables & milk served daily)

WALLOWA County Senior MealsMeal site information: Wallowa 886-8971, Enterprise 426-3840, Home delivered meals 426-3840

Monday, Oct. 29: Brunswick stew with chicken & vegetables, corn bread, fruit & brownie (sponsored by Mary & Richard Frasch)

Tuesday, Oct. 30: (Breakfast only) Bacon, scrambled eggs, hash browns & muffin

Weds., Oct. 31: Pork roast with dressing, Harvard beets, apple Waldorf salad, hot rolls & Halloween cupcakes (sponsored by Soroptimists)

Friday, Nov. 1: Sub sandwich with turkey, lettuce & cheese, cup of soup & Jell-o with fruit (sponsored by Mary & Richard Frasch)

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