Missing: Four reindeer and a sleigh

The elaborate Christmas lights at the Ponderosa Motel earned owners Larry and Linda Lorscheider the Enterprise Merchants Association business lighting award. The Lorscheiders' newest addition to the collection - four reindeer and a sleigh - were ripped off after the Winterfest parade last Saturday night. Photo by Rick Swart

Wanted: The creeps who stole them

If Santa really knows who has been naughty and nice this year some creep or creeps will be getting coal in their stockings this Christmas.

Namely the ones who ripped off four reindeer and a sleigh from the Ponderosa Motel over the weekend.

Four leaping reindeer and brightly colored sleigh were last seen in the lawn between the Ponderosa and the historic Hyatt house. They were the latest additions to an impressive collection of Christmas lights displayed at the Enterprise hotel by owners Larry and Linda Lorscheider.

The new decorations made their debut Saturday night during Enterprise's Winterfest celebration and helped the Lorscheiders snag the first place award in the business lighting contest for the third year in a row. By the time the couple got up the next morning their new decorations were gone.

"There are not many people who decorate in Enterprise, and these people go all out," said Lynn Hall, who manages the Ponderosa for the Lorscheiders. "When I came into work yesterday they were really discouraged. They put a lot of time and effort in finding the right decorations."

Hall said her employers traveled all over northeast Oregon and southeast Washington to find the decorations, which they picked up one at a time in La Grande, Lewiston, Moscow, and Pullman.

"They were really excited," Hall said of the project. "They had gone door to door to door to find these things," she said.

The Ponderosa crew is not only dismayed but mystified by the theft.

"What's the purpose?" Hall said. "That's what I don't get. Why would someone do this. I think it's really crummy. If it were me, I'd feel guilty every time I looked at those decorations."

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