Mold nails it for Enterprise City Hall roof

<I>Kathleen Ellyn/Chieftain</I><BR>Engineer Jon Walker (right) leads city leaders on structural tour of City Hall.

The mold spore count in the upstairs evidence room in Enterprise City Hall is "through the roof" - no pun intended - according to City Administrator Michele Young.

That was the finding of PBS Engineering and Environmental of Kennewick, Wash. Young received the report Tuesday, Oct. 20, and was relieved to find that the main floor of the building is habitable.

"What a relief," said Young, who was considering moving the entire city operation to rented facilities if the report so indicated.

As it turns out, the city will be moving forward immediately to obtain bids for roof repairs.

PBS Engineering and Environmental recommended removal of the walls and ceilings in the judge's office and ceiling above the main office. They also said that mold on the wooden framing in the evidence room, the attic space above the main office, had to be scrubbed off.

The roof replacement will address most of those concerns, and the causes of the mold, Young said.

There are other areas of the building where the city expects to find mold, but those areas will be addressed when the roof is replaced.

Council members had agreed in September that they would realistically remain in the building for at least another five years and subsequent conversations only reinforced that reality.

The council decided to wait for results of the mold study and research undertaken by other city employees before soliciting bids for repairs so that bidders would know the scope of the work. City Engineer Ralph Swinehart is creating a document outlining the scope of the work and City Attorney Roland Johnson is reviewing the RFP process preparatory to requesting bids.

""The council is committed to remaining in this building as long as possible," Young said.

"We really don't know what replacement of the roof will cost. We're going to have to watch these bids really carefully."

The city will have to borrow the money to repair the roof.

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