More life coming to Enterprise’s Main Street

<p>A four-generation family--front to back; Kim Moore, Annie Gardner, Madison Bazer, and Kristy Klein--in early August plan to open The Red Rooster Cafe where the Enterprise Diner closed seven years ago.</p>

ENTERPRISE – After being closed for seven years, a restaurant on Main Street will be reopened in early August by a four-generation family.

The Red Rooster Café, owned by mother-daughter Annie Gardner and Kim Moore, is waiting for final paperwork approval to open at 309 W. Main, just east of another new business, Main Street Motors.

At the restaurant site previously was the Enterprise Diner, and before that Davis Café, says Moore.

Gardner will be the official greeter, Moore the primary cook, her daughter Kristy Klein will work the counter and the cash register, and 10-year-old great-granddaughter, Madison Bazer, will offer her specialty – “Madison’s Rooster Cookie” – as part of the menu.

Madison’s cookie consists of organic oats, chocolate chips, peanut butter, and secret ingredients she won’t divulge.

The Red Rooster will be open from 6 a.m. until 2 p.m. every day but Tuesday, and serve traditional breakfasts and lunches.

Moore, who cooked previously at the Wallowa Lake Lodge and what formerly was Toma’s Restaurant, in Enterprise, also co-owned a hair and nail shop in Joseph named Reflections for eight years.

Some remodeling of the premises is under way not only to upgrade a structure that has been idle for seven years, but also to develop a meeting room on the north, non-street side of the business capable of holding up to 20 people.

Capacity seating in the entire restaurant, says Moore, is about 75 people.

Although the family has roots in Iowa and moved to Wallowa County 20 years ago, Moore once ran a catering business in Coburg, Ore., and is willing to cater special evening events at the Red Rooster Café.

Deep-fried items such as French fries and/or packaged foods will not be served. In addition to a full array of pastries such as pies, cakes, and turnovers, other standard menu items will include sandwiches, soups, quiche, eggs benedict, salads, scrambled eggs, ham, and sausage.

One of the treasures in the original décor is a mural of Wallowa Lake painted in 1959 by local artist Gene Hayes. To protect the mural, which was cracking, painted pieces of white wood were attached to the mural, giving the viewer the impression he or she is looking at Wallowa Lake through a series of small windows.

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