'Murder's in the Heir' at WHS

With performance dates of Tuesday and Thursday of next week, the Wallowa High School Drama Club will present 'Murder's In The Heir.' Cast members (left to right) front: Relissa Wortman and Leah Pringle. On the couch: Lacey Lind, Lindsay Easom, Lee Phelps, Rebekah Matthews and Taryn Harris. Back: Sadie Isley, Angela Bombaci, Amanda Bots, Alyssa Werst, Tasha Schacher, Caitlin Turner, Samantha Silveira, Shelane Lee and Bethany Robinson. Not pictured is Dustin Byers. Photo by Rocky Wilson

The Wallowa High School Drama Club and Future Business Leaders of America Club will join forces next week to present a drama/dinner and a drama/dessert presentation on two different nights. The drama/dinner will begin at 6 Tuesday, March 18, and the drama/dessert at the same time on Thursday, March 20. Both events will be staged in the Beth Johnson Room.

The play, 'Murder's in the Heir,' will be a unique drama presentation in that the audience will be polled to determine who the murderer is. The play will put more pressure than normal on the 12 onstage actors and acrtresses, forcing them to deliver many impromptu lines.

Director Jess Turner says that his 18 drama students - the remaining six working in the areas of sets, lights and sound effects - have been meeting at the school beginning at 6 a.m. to put the production together.

'Murder's In The Heir' was written by Billy St. John, the same playwrite who wrote the humorous Egyptian play with the long title the WHS drama club staged last year.

Playing the lead role of Simon Starkweather will be Wallowa student Dustin Byers. According to Turner, Starkweather leaves large sums of money to family and friends in his will, then clones himself to receive money as well. When the audience votes on the killer, the action heats up.

The FBLA will both prepare and serve the food on both nights.

With audience sizes limited to 100 people each night, patrons are encouraged to phone the high school at 886-2951 to make reservations.

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