New activity energizes Enterprise Main Street

<I>Elane Dickenson/Chieftain</I><BR>Long-vacant southwest corner of Main and River streets now houses Bee Charmed Marketplace.

Two formerly vacant prime corners of Enterprise Main Street are now occupied, and the whole street feels energized.

New occupants are Bee Charmed Marketplace and Nancy's Place antique shop. Bee Charmed moved just a few doors down River Street to the southwest corner of Main and River streets, which was vacated by Common Good Market place about six years ago.

Nancy's opened about a month ago on the northwest corner in the former Ed Staub & Sons location.

"It's exciting how much this livens up Main Street," said Barb Harvey, who is both a customer of and a part-time employee of Bee Charmed.

Harvey said that not only does she hear many customers comment on how much livelier Main Street is now, but talked about how the move has helped Bee Charmed's business. "We have a lot more traffic from local people who have never been here and tourists who would never have found us."

The business was painted, a new door installed and a picket fence placed in front before proprietor Wendy Stewart moved and re-opened her store, which sells scrapbook supplies, books and gift items, around Labor Day.

Nancy Gonyea, proprietor of Nancy's Place, enjoys her view of the front of Bee Charmed just across the street.

"This part of Main Street is really fun now," Gonyea said, mentioning the recent relocation of the liquor store as another factor contributing to more energetic atmosphere.

"Antiques and More" is the motto of Nancy's Place, and its owner said that antiques and collectibles are mingled with new items that fit in with her older treasures.

"This is really my own collection," she said of the antiques. "I've collected for 35 years and I'd like it to go to a new home. These things are my babies." She said that she has been happy with her business so far, and has much more merchandise stored in her collection ready to replace things that are sold.

Just a few doors down from Nancy's is a mainstay business that is staying put, but generating its own excitement by installing a digital, full-color press.

"This is the only press like this in the region," said Jerry Hayes, who was learning how to operate the Heidelberg Quick Master press at the end of last week by an expert, Butch Schabilion of DS Industries. He traveled from San Jose, Calif., to supervise the installation of the used press, which was sent from Chicago, and to train Hayes in its use.

"Now I can do four colors in one run," Hayes said, adding that he already has some printing jobs already lined up. "I'm expecting this will bring in jobs from outside the county." Hayes is planning an open house in the near future to introduce his new equipment.

Another business owner who is happy about Bee Charmed's move is Richelle Chitwood, who runs Central Copy. She was able to move a door down River Street to the gift store's former home, and enjoys the roomier feel. "The size is actually about the same, but it's a better use of space," Chitwood said. "The customers love it. They don't have to touch each other. The other space felt a lot more crowded."

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